More On Zelina Vega’s Release

Zelina Vega’s release from the WWE comes at an interesting time in the company. With many of the WWE’s top stars against the company’s new third party ban, trying to use their own platforms to make any extra income they make on them as part of their downside, some have been more outspoken than others. The release may not be all bad blood on all sides, as the company wished her the best in her future endeavors.

On Twitter, Dave Meltzer let out an interesting tweet that alludes the theory of Vega supporting unionization may just be correct.

Zelina Vega let go for supporting unionization tells me Vince wants to pick a very interesting fight. We’ll see if he gets his wish.

Vega was reported to be one of the superstars speaking to Andrew Yang about the situation, and Yang has openly said he plans on looking into how the WWE gets away with classifying their talent as “independent contractors” and not full time employees given the resrictions placed on them.

Another interesting note is that after the 3rd party ban went into effect, Vega opened up an OnlyFans page. Meltzer also noted he thinks that page was part of the reason she was fired as well.

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