What’s Next For Brock, Is He Done?

Five time WWE champion, three time universal champion, NCAA champion and a UFC heavyweight champion. Ladies and gentlemen, Brock Lesnar.

The Beast dominates everything he opts to do.

Brock Lesnar is a hell of a negotiator, he knows how to eek out every last penny from the likes of Vince McMahon and Dana White when it comes to his contracts. However the beast is in his 40’s now, with his physique and lifestyle, you’d have to imagine Brock is going to retire soon.

Could Brock be done already or does he have one or two more stints left in him?

Where could he go next?


Lesnar celebrates after UFC victory.

Lesnar’s last return was controversial as he failed a drugs test at some point, putting into doubt if he’d come back again. With testing policies ever-changing, Lesnar would need to be in the USADA ‘testing pool’ for a significant amount of time before even being scheduled to fight. This option might not appeal to Lesnar but then again it might, it gives him a reason to pace himself before his next fight. Plus with all the success of Fight Island that the UFC has had so far, it’s impossible to suggest that Brock hasn’t noticed.


Lesnar will forever be a legend in WWE. Guaranteed Hall-Of-Famer.

The most likely option. Brock re-signs with the company that he became a star with and he gets used in exactly the same way as he has done for the last few years. Lot’s of short matches with lots of finishers hit and titles thrown around to make it a spectacle. It’s the safest option for Brock but it also may make it the less intriguing option.


Could Brock have a dream match or two in wrestling’s hottest promotion?

Highly unlikely that he’d sign a contract but is it unlikely that Tony Khan could sign this guy for a blockbuster fight at a PVV? It’s just as plausible as Brock signing for a fight with UFC. Plus, unlike the UFC, Brock doesn’t need to partake in an extensive drugs ‘testing pool’ to participate in a wrestling bout.


Wearing suits more often than gloves, are we ready for his retirement?

It seems unbelievable to talk about the retirement of such a freak of nature like Brock. He is without question one of the most incredible specimens of athlete that you’re ever likely to see. However time isn’t kind to anyone, Brock has had major battles in his life already and all the sporting options he has are high-octane, high-demand sports. What if he just can’t do it anymore? There’s been nothing to suggest that that’s the case but common sense dictates that Lesnar could bow out maybe even as early as this year, the pandemic could well encourage Lesnar to just say “You know, i think I’ve done everything I can” and live the rest of his life as a spectator, should he ever watch the shows.

Where ever he may end up, whether it’s a squared circle, an octagon or just being at home, the legacy of Brock Lesnar is undeniable. Conquered pro wrestling and conquered MMA. In my opinion, Brock is one of the all time greats of the wrestling industry. He’s blockbuster, he’s a prize-fighter and he’s aptly named “The Beast Incarnate” because he is just that.

A monster of a man and an even more monstrous competitor, Brock Lesnar is a hall of famer and an inspiration to thousands and thousands of fans.

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