Bruce Prichard Talks WWE’s Relationship With UFC

On the most recent episode of “Something To Wrestle With” Bruce Prichard discussed the relationship between WWE and UFC. In 2005 Monday Night Raw was on SPIKE TV and would precede The Ultimate Fighter prior to Raw’s move to USA.

Bruce talked about the relationship between Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White

I think it was cordial, I think it was good. I don’t think it was adverse in any way. They have spoken over the years and have pretty much done business together. 

Prichard was then asked about a particular situation involving the UFC. In 2005, Vince McMahon was looking for a change on the commentary team and looked to bring in former UFC announcer Mike Goldberg. Rumors circulated that WWE tried to steal Goldberg away at the time, even asking him to just no show a UFC event.

I love it when it’s portrayed that their trying to steal a guy from someone else, it takes two to tango. If the guy didn’t want to be stolen or maybe it’s the guy reaching out saying hey is there any opportunity for me, maybe I don’t wanna be where I am anymore. More times than not, that’s how it happens. The talent reaches out and says what is my opportunity over here, is there anything available for me. If mike Goldberg didn’t want to be “stolen” which that’s not how it happened, it would be a non story and a non issue. He (Goldberg) was interest in coming in

He (Prichard) then followed up with why he believed Mike Goldberg never made the jump

I think it was just more money. I think when UFC heard that he was negotiating with WWE that they came back in and offered more money.

UFC and WWE have been intertwined over the more recent years with Brock Lesnar, at times, going between promotions. Their relationship hasn’t always been cordial, White went on record once saying Vince McMahon wanted to fight him at Wrestlemania or in the octagon.

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