WWE Smackdown on Fox: 9/4 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

It’s that time again folks! It’s a Friday night, and for those of us in the WWE Universe, that means it’s time for another episode of Smackdown on Fox! With so many questions begging for answers, tonight’s episode could and hopefully will form the landscape of the Blue Brand heading into Clash of Champions at the end of the month.

A Fatal 4 Way for the Universal Title Match at Clash of Champions; A Payback rematch for the Women’s Tag Titles; Roman Reigns will finally address the WWE Universe. It looks to be an action packed show so don’t you dare close that tab… Smackdown is roughly ten minutes away!

Talk about heat folks, we open the show with a video clip of what happened at Payback last Sunday; followed by none other than The Universal Champion and his newly acquired mouthpiece, Paul Heyman. Heyman cut a scathing promo citing the company, the fans, and anyone not named Roman Reigns as the reason for his client’s sudden turn of demeanor. The Era of The True Roman Reigns is officially here!

And when we return from commercial break….

Heavy Machinery v. Miz & Morrison

And we’re back from break with Tag Team action as these two teams battle; undoubtedly in hopes to challenge for the Smackdown Tag Titles. Heavy Machinery opened this match heavy and that’s how it stayed as they would not be denied in their quest for WWE gold.

Miz and Morrison would finally make some magic after they jumped Tucker and left Otis in a handicap situation. Otis would not be denied though as he finished Miz & Morrison and secured the victory for Heavy Machinery. But Morrison would spoil the victory after taking Otis’ MiTB Briefcase hostage.


And as we cut to the back, we see a small celebration prepared and lead by Big E for the returning Xavier Woods on his birthday. But alas, E was fooled by none other than The Celtic Warrior, who all but ensured that he would not be plagued by the man who defeated him at Payback.

And as we shift our focus to tonight’s Payback rematch, Sasha reassures the WWE Universe that she and Bayley are on the same page, they still run the Women’s Division and they’re ready to reclaim their Tag Team Titles


The Golden Role Models v. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler: WWE Women’s Tag Title Match

It’s the Payback rematch that you love to see as The Golden Role Model’s take on Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in hopes to not fall victim to another tandem submission. So how about tandem beating, instead?

We return from commercial to much of the same, only in the ring this time, as Jax rag-dolls Bayley from pillar to post. Baszler would tag in and continue the battering of Bayley, focusing on the shoulder of the Smackdown Women’s Champion. The match would grind on and the Golden Role Model’s would find themselves in an opportune situation as Nia Jax was dispatched to the outside ring area, with force.

With Baszler in a handicap situation it would take a miracle to level the playing field, and it would come in the form of a miscalculation by Sasha Banks as she crashed into the post, knees first. Playing field leveled. Despite being in crippling pain, Banks stuck it out and did her best but there was nothing anyone could do to counter this…

We return from break and Banks is still in the ring, medical staff tending to her injured knee. Banks fights off EMT’s as she refuses assistance from anyone but her friend, who was there in her time of need… To do what Karen’s do best; screw everything up.

And we are joined by Sami Zayn who still can’t understand why no one will refer to him as the Intercontinental Champion. Jeff Hardy joins Zayn and wonder why Sami just hasn’t asked for a shot yet? They were then interrupted by AJ Styles, staking his own claim at the disputed intercontinental title. Then all hell broke loose…

Matt Riddle v. Sheamus v. King Corbin v. Jey Uso: Fatal 4 Way

The match begins suddenly as Corbin was interrupted by a galloping stallion who still had an ax to grind with with the Royal pain in the rump. The other competitors would join the fray and that match would unofficially be underway!

And we return from break to a surprise episode of The Firefly Funhouse, where Bray Wyatt has announced a new member of the Funhouse will debut next week!

But we continue with the match at hand as it appears that Sheamus and Corbin will temporarily join forces against the smaller, quicker opponents in this Fatal 4 Way.

Things seem to go well but after Corbin disputes the official’s two-count, he finds himself on the wrong end of Sheamus’ clothesline. The match continues with Sheamus decimating any who enter the ring with him. As he sets Uso for White Noise, he is intercepted by the educated feet of Matt Riddle. Riddle with the quick burst of aggression, followed by Jey Uso’s own brand of offense. The four men find themselves on the outside as Corbin gets his hands on Jey Uso and launches him into the second row of the Thunderdome! It appears that we’re down to three men as Sheamus blasts Corbin with a Brogue Kick, Riddle dispatches of Sheamus with the Bro to Sleep, and then finishes off Corbin with the Floating Bro, but wait…Jey Uso is back and flying through the air as he crashes down onto Matt Riddle with the splash and secures the pinfall victory and his opportunity at the Universal Title at Clash of champions.

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