5 Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Part VII

Welcome once more to the seventh edition of the wrestling Twitter accounts you need to follow. Once more here are some really interesting wrestling Twitter accounts worth following.

Regal Reaction

An account dedicated to some of the funniest moments in the illustrious career of William Regal.


An account with some really good artwork worth checking out. You will always enjoy the next pasterice coming from this account.

Big Van Vader

The official account of one of the best big men in wrestling of all time is worth following. Lots of great things about the career of Vader be found here.

Tavares de la Mancha

Follow the bizarre adventures of Spanish pro-wrestler Tavares de la Mancha. One of the most interesting wrestlers you will ever find on Twitter.

Jeremy Lambert

Sike! Please don’t follow this man on Twitter. We the Bodyslam staff highly recommend avoiding Jeremy. *EVIL LAUGHTER*

Meltzer in the 90s

An account that tweets actual quotes from the 90s WON. Some of this quotes can surprisingly relate big time to today’s wrestling.