AJ Styles – Would He Give The Undertaker An Intercontinental Championship Match?

During a recent interview with Vicente Beltrán, AJ Styles commented on whether he’d offer The Undertaker an Intercontinental Championship match, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if he would give the Undertaker an Intercontinental Title shot:

“Yeah, I would definitely — if I thought that it would get him in the ring with me in front of thousands of people, I would definitely put up the Intercontinental Championhip. Will that happen, will he take the bait? Probably not. If he decided that he’s done, then I respect that, man. He’s definitely done enough in his career to say, ‘That’s it, I’m done.’ And trust me, I know what it’s like. I can’t imagine doing what he has done for so long, I recally can’t. So if there’s one thing that he’s earned, it’s the right to call it quits on his own terms and the way he wants to. But I would definitely offer that opportunity.”

On how many matches he thinks he has left in his career:

“Well, I’ve definitely got more. I’m going to take this body to the limit. And you know, I enjoy what I do. I respect what I do, I take pride of everything that happens in the ring. And so, I want to do it as long as my body and my brain and everything’ allowing me too. A lot of times, I feel like my body and my mind are going, ‘No, no,’ like they argue with each other. Like, my brain’s telling me that I can do it but my body’s saying, ‘Don’t even try it.’ So I think when they both come together, the brain and the body, and say, ‘Hey, maybe it’s a good time to hang it up,’ maybe we’ll do that. But when is that? This is something Undertaker talked about. It’s something that you battle with on a daily basis because you love what you do.”

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