Should AEW put the AEW Championship on Orange Cassidy?

Orange Cassidy is with no doubts one of the most popular wrestlers in the AEW roster and in the entire business. Wrestling fans love Orange Cassidy and you can see this with the number of merch he sells or how fans from adults to kids dress like him.

The booking of AEW with Orange Cassidy has been perfect so far. The next logical thing to think about him is if AEW should consider putting their world title on him.

Orange Cassidy has the similar position of that of Toru Yano in NJPW. both wrestlers are the tricksters for their promotions and give a more comedic tone to their respective promotions when is needed.

While there are similarities between Orange Cassidy and Toru Yano, one key aspect it that AEW does treat him from time to time in a more serious way just like we saw last week when he had a brawl with Chris Jericho.

Putting the belt on Orange Cassidy business wise makes sense consider all the numbers he moves. The thing is how the character of Orange Cassidy evolves from here to a year and if the pieces are in the right places, giving him the biggest prize in AEW would be a no brainer.

If AEW does actually plan on putting the belt on Orange Cassidy they need build him slowly into a serious character that still has some aspects of his character. A good starting point could be him having a solid reign with the TNT championship.

Only time will tell if the Orange Cassidy character can evolve to become a solid choice for the AEW championship.