The Hardys are leaving WWE? Good.

I remember back at Wrestlemania 33 a few years ago the return of the Hardy Boys to WWE. There had been a lot of talk of them doing something like this and when the music played for their entrance it was an awesome moment. They then came out and did gangbusters during the ladder match and wowed audiences all over the world.

 And then the same old crap started happening.

Since that time, Jeff has been caught more than once with something in his system. Hearing that Jeff had failed another wellness policy test and was suspended AGAIN was kind of commonplace during the last few years. Granted he didn’t have what happened in TNA happen when he showed up for a pay per view match under the influence for a match against Sting. But the times he has been caught for something you kinda wish he had.  Maybe doing something like that under the WWE’s eye would be a wake-up call to clean himself up.

Matt wasn’t much better. Granted he wasn’t caught with drugs or anything like that, but when he was used on WWE television he seemed to be trying to relive the Attitude era or his TNA run. Granted some of that stuff was still really fun, but most of that stuff he did had already been done, with a good number of things he did already happened in TNA. And he would keep doing them over and over. Then we usually got some kind of online rant from his wife Rebecca about how he is being held down and held back by the WWE.

 After a while of him reminding everyone that 1998 happened, I stopped caring if he is being held back. Usually, I hear about him from attitude era fans telling people he has so much to offer and he has so much to give. Well? I’ve been waiting for years for him to actually offer up anything other then him dancing around like the old days or trying to DELETE everything.

Now the current word is that Matt is done with WWE and probably heading to AEW while Jeff will do some time in the WWE to cover the time out from his current injury before joining him. Really?  I have said enough about that place so if Matt and Jeff want to do their “Hey Remember us?!” tour there in AEW then go right ahead. I’m sure Jeff will probably test to see how much of a substance abuse policy AEW actually has.

So hearing the Hardys are leaving the WWE again barely gets a shrug from me. It is 2020. I remember The Attitude era and don’t need reminders of it. If you had something new to offer I might pay attention but it has just seemed like a constant reminder that the 90s happened.