The problems of the Wednesday Night War

The Wednesday Night War has created a lot of great content for fans in a short period of time. AEW and NXT in the weeks they’ve been battling each other they proven that they have two of the most consistent products on TV right now.

As much as this war is entertaining because of the content we witness every week, it has also created several problems that could complicate things in the long term.

Divided Fanbase

This war has separated fans and most people take sides and fans start insulting each other and the product they don’t support. This makes social media less enjoyable and more toxic.

Thursdays also became a nightmare to navigate in social media because of all the ratings talk and we all fall in that trap of discussing ratings, DVR numbers and demos for hours.

A lot of WWE die hards fans each week claim AEW is always near going out of business by any small detail that didn’t go well. While AEW fans (in less numbers), criticize or think NXT and the other WWE products are terrible in every tweet they make.


Because of the nature of the Wednesday Night War, comparisons between both shows will always happen. Arguments about NXT’s women’s division being better to AEW’s happen almost every day at this point.

A underrated argument is when people mentioned the lackluster booking of NXT’s tag team division and the comparisons it gets to AEW’s tag team division.

Overwhelming Fans

Despite having both NXT and AEW good products to enjoy wrestling weekly, it also has made some casual fans overwhelmed by everything surrounding the Wednesday Night War, and ultimately decide to not watch either show in a consistent basis.

The war between fans seems more to be around both shows trading viewers between each week. Overwhelming casual fans is not good for business , but maybe if NXT changed to another date, it could make wrestling more enjoyable on social media and discussions more enjoyable.