Watching the old World of Sport wrestling and loving it!

I like to watch is outside the current stuff like WWE or NWA Powerr and that is looking up old clips from World of Sport wrestling from England. It doesn’t have the soap opera elements like American wrestling is usually full of and it is usually old school that I like too.

Kendo Nagasaki

I can find a cast of characters from all the years of World of Sport wrestling like Big Daddy, The Giant Haystacks, Adorable Adrian Street, and the mysterious Kendo Nagasaki plus a whole host of others. Most of these names aren’t pumped full of weightlifter “vitamins” or trying to sell you on their latest catchphrase or something to sell you merchandise for. Most are there to get in the ring and entertain you with some wrestling.

And the wrestling is more mat-based then the stuff you see nowadays. While most of the wrestling nowadays tends to be more lucha inspired with guys trying to see how high they can fly and how cool they are while doing it, this is the kind of stuff where two guys lock up and try to stretch each other on the mat onto defeat.

Or two falls, two submissions or a knockout as the ring announcer would announce before the match. I got to like the round system after watching a lot of this action.

But it isn’t all the stuff from decades ago either. I liked the modern attempt at World of Sport wrestling too. The modern attempt from a few years ago was entertaining too. A lot of those names I was familiar with and were from Defiant Wrestling on Youtube. So it was a lot of familiar names competing against each other. Guys like Martin Kirby, Joe Hendry, Gabriel Kidd and then women competitors like Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Bea Presley, and women like that that were more competitive than women from that passed time period, if there any at all, from those days. It was a shame they went out of business but from the stories I have heard ITV wasn’t as prepared for that kind of project.

 Do I wish they would make another attempt at it? Sure! But I also know that nothing beats the wrestling for the old days. So if and when ITV try it, great! But until that time comes I will enjoy the old matches from places like Youtube and such.