Dark Order Video Reveals A Higher Power And Retaliation Against Phantom Puncher

#JoinDarkOrder pops up sporadically on All Elite Wrestling’s television show Dynamite from time to time.

The Dark Order is an occult type group that was seemingly headed by Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. They began recruitment videos targeting people that were down on their luck, or wrestlers who couldn’t seem to find a way to win their matches. The storyline has a very slow build and seemed to reach its peak during the last Dynamite of the year.

With The Dark Order standing tall over everyone in The Elite faction. The segment did not go over well on social media or with AEW’s fan base. Specifically one of the Dark Order’s “creepers” throwing punches at Dustin Rhodes and missing his face completely. Many wrestlers and fans admonished the wrestler for the fake punches. Wrestler Arik Cannon even joked that he was the one throwing the punches, which ended up getting picked up by news sites.

The Dark Order allows fans to sign up and join the group at if you joined the group, you may have received an email today with an Unlisted YouTube video attachment.

In the video, Evil Uno enters an office and talks to someone off screen. Evil Uno seems to be a follower of this higher power who has their voice modulated. The higher power tells Evil Uno to handle the phantom puncher after Evil bragged about getting The Young Bucks to quit Twitter. It’s unknown how the story will play out, but it seems members of The Dark Order are learning more than those who have not joined.

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