What AEW needs to improve

The first 5 weeks of AEW programming have been very engaging and always leaves people wanting for more. Dynamite has a lot of great things to look forward every week, but Dynamite is not a perfect wrestling show, and needs to prove in several aspects.

Women’s Division

The women’s division in AEW has the weakest booking of all other division. The women’s division has a lot of potential and it could become something amazing but needs a lot of work.

Riho, The first and current AEW women’s champion, has connected with the AEW fans but the rest of the division has not, yet.

AEW needs to build storylines and good match ups to showcase their women’s division. It’s true they only had 6 weeks of programming so far, but they need to improve the booking in this division.

Enforcing Rules

The rules on matches in AEW have been all over the place, especially in the tag division. It’s true that they are using the NJPW style of “Referee discretion” but so far in a lot of tag matches we see tag teams ignore the rules too often.

Fixing this would allow for better in-ring logic to matches and would make matches more enjoyable to older fans of Pro-Wrestling.

More Promos

The in-ring work of AEW Dynamite has been incredible, with a lot of fun and entertaining matches but AEW needs to add more promos and segments to the audience.

The few promos and segments AEW has done so far haven outstanding, so they are capable of booking this, with this addition to the show, it would allow to have a break from all the action, but most importantly it would allow wrestlers to introduce themselves to the fans.