AEW World Champion Chris Jericho To Have Donald Trump Jr. On His Talk Is Jericho Podcast

Chris Jericho has 609 podcast episodes as of this writing. He’s had more than just professional wrestlers as guests. He’s had conspiracy theorists, actors, directors and musicians. Now you can add presidents son to that list.

Donald Trump has been associated with wrestling for almost 30 years. From holding Wrestlemania’s at his casinos, to competing in WrestleMania, albeit as a manager, to “buying” Monday Night Raw to the WWE Hall of Fame. He was also a focal point of one episode of GLOW in the 80’s.

It appears now that Donald’s son, Donald Trump Jr. is following in his dads footsteps by associating with professional wrestling. This time it’s not with WWE but with the champion of their competition. Chris Jericho. Both Donald Jr. and Jericho tweeted out that Donald Jr. will be a guest on an upcoming podcast episode discussing Trump Jr.’s new book “Triggered”

Jericho RT’d the Donald Jr. tweet and after some fan backlash Jericho sent out a tweet saying he is non-partisan

The majority of AEW fans seem to be none to pleased with Jericho’s podcast guest, but then again, Jericho is supposed to be a heel and this seems to gotten him a ton of heel heat whether that was the goal or not.

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