Chris Jericho as AEW champion is good for business

Chris Jericho became the first ever AEW world champion at the PPV All Out celebrated on August 31, after defeating Adam ‘Hangman’ Page in a grueling match.

After Jericho’s victory some people started to compare AEW’s decision to book Jericho as their first world to champion to that of WWE and their booking of legends.

The comparison to Jericho and the WWE booking of legends is very different and giving Jericho the title was the most logical thing to before their TNT debut on October 2.  

WWE’s booking of legends and part timers so far has been atrocious is certain aspects, in general the part timers are booked to always be over the young talent and killing any momentum that talent had before the feud. Part timers are always seem by creative as major stars over the younger talent.

Ever since Jericho left WWE, he’s has put over several younger talents like Omega, Okada and Naito, while also looking strong. All these wrestlers gain more momentum and their popularity increased thanks to him.

Jericho being the first AEW world champion is the most logical thing AEW could’ve done before their debut on TNT. Jericho is the most recognizable name the promotion has on their roster and the wrestler that is planned to beat him and take the title off him will become a major star for the promotion.

Comparing Jericho to the WWE booking of legends and part timers is unfair to Jericho specially looking his track record and how open he is to work with younger talent and putting them over.

At the end of the day AEW made the right choice to give Jericho the AEW world championship, for now we’ll have to wait and see what the future of AEW and Jericho as their champion will look like.