The Dangers of the NXT expansion

The next plan to monopolize the wrestling world from WWE is the creation of several spinoffs of NXT in different parts of the world, while this could be great in several aspects for wrestlers, like guarantee paydays, there’s other aspects were it could affect the wrestling business in a negative way.

The indies

The indies in the last couple of years have grown in such a way that now you don’t need to work for WWE to gain a great paycheck, this also has allowed wrestlers to control their own destiny and work the dates they want and when they want to.

WWE has tried to stop the growth of the indies by offering great contracts to some of their biggest stars, but the indies have managed to survive that and see flourish new stars in the process.

Ever since NXT UK was born, the UK indie scene has lost a lot of stars and those stars are only allowed to work in certain promotion that are approved by WWE, and the worst part is, if a wrestler works a promotion not approved by WWE then they can only wrestle in dark matches.

The creation of NXT has given a lot of wrestlers great paychecks but has made it real hard for the other promotions, and because of that the UK indie scene has lost a lot of the buzz it once had.

The next locations

Is likely that the next NXT spinoff would be in Mexico, Japan or Canada, because in this three countries wrestling is popular and they are markets that have competitors WWE is interested in slow down their growth.

Japan is a market WWE will most likely go first for, since one of their biggest competitors NJPW is located their and a NXT Japan brand would likely be a close competitor to NJPW since in Japan the gap between NJPW and other promotions is enormous. WWE has been interested in the Joshi scene for quite a while and WWE signing some of their biggest stars like Kairi Sane, Io Shirai and Asuka in the last couple of years. We can not forget all the talent WWE has taken away from NJPW in an attempt to hurt them.

WWE going after all this wrestling scenes could mean them trying to control all this territories and controling this three prominent wrestling markets could secure WWE monopoly of wrestling for a long time.

The Talent

Is great that wrestlers are getting paychecks but WWE having all this talent for no reason other than screw others could be bad for all parties. The wrestlers will never be able to become stars if they have to compete with hundred other wrestlers and are not giving the opportunities to do so, and WWE would be wasting money.

WWE’s plans for this global expansion will reduce the places for work and forcing wrestlers to sign with them. This business needs other places for fans to enjoy wrestling outside of the WWE presentation and for wrestlers to grow as performers.