How the Rise of WWE Betting Could Be a Good Thing

How the Rise of WWE Betting Could Be a Good Thing

Whatever way you look at it, sports betting in the United States is set for a massive boom. With eight states now involved in the legalized sports betting market, it will not be long before everyone else follows suit.

Although most sports betting fans tend to wager on traditional markets like football, basketball, and baseball, it appears that the demand for WWE betting has grown in recent times. Sure, the chances of pro wrestling franchises ever competing with the likes of the NFL, NBA, and MLB in terms of gambling revenue are slim, but there is increased demand for betting odds.

It is not difficult to see why more and more WWE fans want to get in on the action. You just have to look at events like WrestleMania and Royal Rumble to understand the appeal. These two, in particular, are huge global events that capture the imagination of fans around the world. 

Just like the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals, WWE’s major events are a big deal. The majority of fans might not want to bet on the outcome of “The Grandest Stage of Them All,” but there is a sizeable portion of folk who would dive at the opportunity to do so.

Can I Gamble on WWE Events?

The short answer is yes. You can bet on WWE events at any online bookmaker that offers odds on the action. Unlike other sports, however, you might find it difficult to find gambling sites that actively promote odds on wrestling matches and events. 

You see, unlike betting on MMA, boxing, or other combat sports, WWE is considered scripted. Yeah, I know, not everybody wants to admit that, but the cold, harsh truth is that bookmakers do not believe that a fight in the WWE works itself out organically. So, the things that you can bet on are usually limited to prop bets and special markets, although you could very well find this changes in the future.

One thing that will more than likely stay the same is the low amounts you are permitted to bet on these events. This is because the oddsmakers have little to go by when deciding who is the favorite for a clash or championship because the outcome is decided prior.

Could WWE Betting Be a Good Thing?

It depends on how you look at it, of course, but I am leaning towards a growing demand for WWE odds being a positive for pro wrestling. 

The more engagement between online betting sites and WWE fans we see, the more we can expect fans to find themselves interested in the action. This not only ensures that the company can grow even greater in size — thus ensuring that the big-time events get bigger and better every year — but it also means that the future of the WWE is safe. The fact that the way the world sees pro wrestling is changing also helps.

Vince McMahon will definitely welcome the increased exposure and a growing fan base. More than this, the entire WWE would be keen to see pro wrestling find some form of legitimacy alongside the likes of boxing and MMA. 

One of the biggest gripes WWE fans have is that the whole thing is just… fake. This puts off a lot of folks who feel disheartened by the wisecracking, boring armchair critics that just can’t enjoy themselves.

To those people, strap into that chair. Things might look a whole lot different on the WWE front in the future. I hope you are prepared for what may come, especially since this one is definitely not scripted.