Exclusive: Ron Van Hess Issues Statement Regarding Threat To Stab Fan

Earlier today news broke that a local Washington wrestling promoter threatened to stab a fan if the fan showed up to one of his events.

After reaching out to both parties involved, promoter Ron Van Hess spoke with Bodyslam about what led to the threat and his regrets in how he handled the situation.

I was promoting my event and a fan named Benji started insulting me. I don’t know him and he posted all over all my posts for 2 days . He wanted to fight etc. At first i get alot of crazys so i played along. Until I realized he was crazy.

I called him girlfriend . Its a phrase i use when i get mad . I never called him gay or even knew he was .

I was told by my wife . Friends. Partners to block him. I had recently been in an accident and have a crushed right leg. 4th of july one of my immediate family members committed suicide . I lost my cool because he kept threatening me .

Ethan Diaz hates me for firing him years ago. He took this kid posting about this to turn the Seattle and Oregon wrestling community against me . They already didn’t like me . Indy wrestling is like that. One guy hates you and all the sycophants follow .

Yes i used bad judgement when i threatened him. But i just didnt want this drama at my show.

I blocked him 2 days ago and moved on with my life.

Then ethan got wind and created a shitstorm.

It doesnt really bother me they hate me. But i have a gay son im very close too. I am not homophobic or hateful. Ignorant probably. I am from that generation. The one before political correctness. But south park had an episode about what words mean . I saw the truth in that. The connotation is whats important.

Ron Van Hess

Ron went on to say that he filed a police report over the situation and apologized for the way he handled the situation. That he has learned from this and instead of continuing to argue with people on social media, he will block them. He told us that if anyone wants to judge the situation for themselves, they can check Ethan’s, Benji’s and his Facebook pages and posts to decide for themselves.

It doesn’t appear that the threats should be taken seriously as it was comments made from a person in distress.

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