205 Live Recap: Episode 142

Last week on 205 Live: Humberto Carrillo defeated Lince Dorado and after the match Ariya Daivari tried to convince Lince to turn heel. Oney Lorcan won a six pack challenge to face Drew Gulak at Summerslam for the cruiserweight championship. At Summerslam Oney Lorcan lost to Drew Gulak and then complained online that Drew punched him in the Adam’s apple.

Cold Open

Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa w/The Brian Kendrick

  • Sorry about all the videos right off the bat, but 205 legit started off with video packages of recaps.
  • What’s wild is that Kendrick, Gallagher and Gulak were all a faction at the beginning of the year. Gulak beat up Kendrick for being too soft, and ended up doing the same to Jack. Now look at them, Kendrick is a sidekick to Tozawa and Gallagher is losing matches that aren’t against local talent. While Drew Gulak is on top of the division. It’s amazing that both men were actually holding Drew back.
  • Gallagher almost one the match by count out. Tozawa was out on the floor and Kendrick cheered him on, instead of picking him up and putting him in the ring. Tozawa got in at nine under his own power.
  • The move that got Tozawa out of it was Gallagher kicking Akira over the top turnbuckle with his feet and Akira landing head first on the turnbuckle post. We saw three replays of it. Once Tozawa got in the ring though? All of that is forgotten.
  • Tozawa ended up going for his top rope senton and Gallagher as able to move. The pace is really picking up. Jack goes for a Gory Especial and Tozawa follows that up with a dive to the outside.
  • Tozawa has a little bit of blood coming from his head, which is probably why we saw that head into the post thing three times. WWE loves when dudes get legit hit and show it in a match. It’s weird, like when Brock punched Strowman in the face during a fatal four way. They showed that shit so much, but not any of the other strikes.
  • Tozawa keeps trying to sustain momentum but Gallagher is able to get a strike in or an attack on Tozawa’s head that keeps the control under Jack.
  • Obligatory top rope battle with Jack and Akira. Tozawa battles it out and gets a top rope front suplex, then follows it up with a top rope senton splash for the win.
  • Jack had his foot on the rope, ref didn’t see it. It slipped off the bottom rope after Kendrick slapped the rope while counting along with the referee.

And I’m Like… Nigel McGuinness is sticking up for Kendrick and Aiden says something weird is going on. Nigel usually only sticks up for the heels and Aiden is strictly face. So to see how they react to Kendrick is telling. I think the match as good but the greater purpose it served is to start a storyline with Jack/Akira/Kendrick.

Oney Lorcan has a promo about getting punched in the throat. He says there is a championship rematch tonight.

Before the next match we see Gran Metalik laid out in the hall. Lince and Kalisto argue about what happened because Humberto was the one found in the hallway. I’m thinking it was Lince.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo vs. Ariya Daivari and Singh Brothers

  • So the storyline heading into this match is that Ariya is trying to convince Lince Dorado that he’d be better off without being in the Lucha House Party. Lince thought about it before Metalik showed up. This week Metalik is laid out.
  • While the faces work over Sunil Singh’s arm, commentary keep talking about Metalik. Nigel thinks it was bad tequilla. Commentary is really helping the story. They note how Lince is purposely not tagging in Humberto, how Lince is showing some anger towards Carrillo. Commentary also talking about how Carrillo is too nice of a guy to attack someone from behind. The nuance here is amazing.
  • Lince even gets the nickname “The hot tempered member of Lucha House Party”. Carrillo gets tagged in and then everything breaks down.
  • We get duel superkicks and dives, by the end of the sequence everyone is laid out and Daivari ends up walking away after being confronted by Dorado.
  • Carrillo is the legal man and goes off the top rope, Dorado blind tags Carrillo’s ass after Humberto hits his finish. Dorado hits a shooting star press for the win, even though it was a tad bit heelish.

And I’m Like… At the end of the match Kalisto convinces Dorado that Carrillo is a good dude. The whole match is centered around Dorado’s change in character. Whoever is writing the show tonight is doing a really good job at nuance and shades of grey. Fun match but even better story.

Drew Gulak cuts a promo about how he has changed and is better than ever.

Tony Nese cuts a promo in the gym abut how he needs to “start from scratch”. He says he will do whatever he can. It feels like everyone is turning evil this episode. What Nese needs to do is get a damn character. After Ricochet showed up the whole Nese 8-Ab gimmick died quick.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Oney Lorcan vs. Drew Gulak(c)

  • Drew Gulak is giving himself the nickname “The Law”. Oney is rocking the purple and orange gear again, because that’s 205 Live’s colors.
  • The match starts with Oney having too much intensity and Gulak going to the outside to bide time until Lorcan calms down.
  • Lorcan was able to hit a half and half suplex, which is his finish, Gulak rolled to the outside. Once Drew got back inside Lorcan tried for the half and half from the top rope. Gulak fought out of it and knocked Oney so loopy that Lorcan is crawling around on the outside of the ring.
  • Drew is relentless and rams Lorcan’s Adams apple into the announce table. Oney is writhing in pain and Drew is showing off in the ring.
  • It’s weird that we’ve had two “face almost gets counted out” bits on this episode.
  • Gulak has decided to work the throat of Lorcan in this match. If there is one way to pop me in a match, it’s working over any body part that isn’t the arm or leg.
  • Oney turns up the heat after five minutes of getting beat up. He just keeps running the ropes and hitting attacks on Drew. The mans stamina is out of control.
  • Lorcan does his exaggerated “cheer for me” comeback taunt, but the crowd doesn’t really cheer. Oney then starts hitting running forearms, but Drew is able to counter.
  • After a bit of back and forth, Oney Lorcan is able to hit his half and half suplex from the top rope, the crowd gets loud for that but Lorcan can’t get the pin in. Gulak gets his foot on the rope.
  • Drew Gulak is able to keep is composure as Lorcan gets caught in the Gu-Lock for the finish.

And I’m Like… These two dudes kicked the shit out of each other. Lorcan passed out to the hold and didn’t tap but The Law reigns supreme once again.