How Has MMA Betting Changed in the Post-PASPA Days?

How Has MMA Betting Changed in the Post-PASPA Days?

The scope of legalized gambling is currently about to enter a new horizon. If you aren’t quite familiar with what has happened, the professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992, otherwise known as PASPA, was repealed a little over a year ago. This has now opened the door for online sports gambling to be legalized across the country.

Of course, this has been done with services like Bovada and other casinos offering gambling for MMA, but now that it is becoming legalized across the country, this means that the growth and popularity of sports gambling as a whole will only grow.

For the sport of MMA, this is huge. Personally, I’m just not a fan of the current landscape for MMA DFS. Yes, I am glad that it was introduced and recognized, but there are some big flaws, such as only the UFC being included, as well as the points system being a bit odd, in my opinion.

I just think with a sport as complex as MMA, there should be various methods for the point systems depending on what you are looking to play, but that simply isn’t available in this day and age for DFS. Besides MMA, PASPA being repealed will have dramatic effects on the entire DFS spectrum, not just MMA.

For example, sports betting is generally much simpler than playing DFS, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see DFS as a whole start to dwindle due to this legalization. However, online gambling isn’t exactly legalized and operating in every state just yet.

There are some states that are leading the way as of now, such as New Jersey and Mississippi. There are current waves that are going through the country, such as Indiana hoping to have everything in place by the end of the year.

Will Sports Betting Change?

The big and obvious question on everyone’s mind is will the landscape of sports betting change as a whole with it being legalized? Well, it is too early to tell if it has had any real effect yet, but if I had to take an educated guess, I’d certainly think so.

I think mainly it will have to do with taxation of sports betting, and just how much you’ll exactly earn from winning a bet. It will vary from state to state for the most part. With legalization in anything, the government will want their fair share of profits from it, so expect larger cuts to go to them now.

However, only time will tell exactly what changes we will see, whether they will actually be for better or worse. I’m not sure what positive changes would come out of it, besides more people playing and not allowing for such a “monopoly,” if you will, from big sharks.

Is it Good for MMA Betting?

If there is one sport I believe this is good for, it is the sport of MMA. The reason I say this is because, as I said, since the sport is so young in terms of other sports that are out there, the format for how betting works has been pretty much a cut and dry copy from the boxing formula.

That isn’t to say that it hasn’t worked, as when it comes down to raw betting, it is quite simple. There is one winner and one loser when it comes down to the end result.

However, the sport of MMA is quite complex, and I hope to see improvements in the betting formats, such as maybe how many strikes will be thrown, takedowns completed, etc.

Only time will tell just how exactly this affects the sport of MMA, but hopefully it is for the best.