Eric Bischoff On His Role As Executive Director Of SmackDown Live – It Will Be “An Evolution Over Time”

WWE recently announced that Eric Bischoff will be the new Executive Director of SmackDown Live, however details about his duties, responsibilities, and start date have been reported and rumored ever since.

Some clarity has been shed on the situation by Bischoff himself, on a recent episode of his podcast “83 Weeks”. He explained that as he begins the process and role of Executive Director of SmackDown Live that things could eventually be changing, but that it will be “an evolution over time.”

He added that he was scheduled to start the job on July 22nd, and no sooner than that date. Bischoff went on to say that the job responsibilities are going to be so big that it makes it impossible for him to get anything started immediately. He also mentioned that he has yet to even attend a WWE production meeting, but that things will get more tangible this week as he officially gets started. But he added that it is going to really take some time to get things rolling.

“My start [with WWE] was never supposed to be before July 22. That was the understanding across the board. And it was reported wrong. Anything written and reported so far has been wrong as far as what my role actually is and will be and what my start date will be.”

“This is such a big job. There is no way that me, or anyone else, is going to walk in and take control of anything, immediately. It’s going to be a long process. It’s going to take time. It’ll be an evolution over time. My process started a little bit this week in terms of integration. It’ll become even more tangible on Tuesday, which will be the first time I’ve attended a production meeting.”

So we will finally get the first SmackDown Live under the Bischoff regime this week. As he said, we shouldn’t expect to see any changes immediately. But hopefully over time he can help right the ship.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else about Eric Bischoff and his new role as Executive Director of SmackDown Live.


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