REPORT: No Agendas Pushed On Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman

Major changes were made to WWE recently as Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were brought in as the Executive Directors for RAW and Smackdown Live respectively. From the looks of it, the leadership in WWE will be slightly different this time around.

According to a report by Wrestle Votes, they were told by a source that all the plans for Summerslam are subject to change. So Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff have full power to change plans as they see fit.

Was told recently that anything WWE had planned for SummerSlam in advance was all subject to change once Bischoff & Heyman fully start their roles this upcoming week. Good on Vince & Co to allow a legitimate clean start. No forced agendas off the jump. That’s how it should be.

Credit where it is due as Vince McMahon is no longer pushing agendas. However, it is to be remembered that Vince still has the last say in everything that goes on in the company.

It will be interesting to see how SummerSlam will be changed owing to the creative powers of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff.

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