NXT Recap: Episode 515

Last Week on NXT: Mia Yim made quick work of Aliyah and then called out NXT Women’s champion Shayna Baszler. Kushida won a showcase match and his Hoverboard Lock changed names to the Sakuraba Lock. Cameron Grimes defeated Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott in a Breakout tournament match. Both men look to have big NXT futures. ANOTHER showcase match with Bianca Belair DESTROYING Diamante. Tyler Breeze lost to Roderick Strong after Undisputed interference in the main event. Great match until the finish.

Io Shirai Promo

  • Io’s new entrance and theme song is EVIL. It’s got this bass line that vibrates throughout the arena, there is just a strobe light and Io’s menacing walk and on top of that she is dressed in all black. Girl took a turn and she turned FAST.
  • “I don’t need any friends, I don’t need any of you” and she drops the mic cause she’s that bitch!

Velveteen Dream Press Conference

  • Dream is asked who his next opponent will be and Dream says he doesn’t approve that question.
  • Queen Cathy asks if Dream will wrestle Roderick Strong for the North American championship, Dream says Strong isn’t ready or deserving enough.

Damian Priest vs. Blanco Loco

  • Not to be confused with Gringo Loco. Blanco Loco is from Mexico, New York
  • Damian is if Blade and Stephen Frost had a baby, who joined a Nine Inch Nails cover band as a bassist and is somehow related to Roman Reigns.
  • This match was a whole lot of nothing, except for commentary giving tons of “arrow and archer” references because Priest’s nickname is “The Archer of Infamy”

And I’m Like.. This NXT is taking a while to get going. There is like no substance in the first 15 minutes, which is weird for NXT. Hopefully the rest of this episode does something.

Killian Dain is watching the destruction of a city on a projector. He says he is the only male still alive from his graduating class. He carries that pain with him and something about breathing in peoples faces.

Boa vs. Jordan Myles

  • Boa’s theme song is crazy good. It’s got some Chinese string music mixed with a hip-hop beat and some vocals I can’t understand.
  • Then Jordan Myles music hits, it’s kind of basic, but he has a small little promo that airs over his theme song and it just gives off the aura that Myles has IT. Dude is believable right off the bat.
  • Myles is showing how farther along at this he is than Boa. Boa has offense but it is pretty basic. When Jordan gets to shine he maximizes his minutes, doing strikes and fast paced offense with some aerial moves as well. When Boa attacks Myles sells it to no end. Great shit.
  • Commentary puts over how Myles is an anime fan. I think that’s the first time this character trait has been given to any wrestler on camera.
  • Myles wins the match with the Destructo Disc followed by the Midnight Star 450 splash.

And I’m Like… Myles is maybe the biggest star off the bat in this tournament. That is saying a lot with how underwhelming this match was. Jordan Myles is someones whose future I’m really looking forward to watching.

Shayna Baszler gets some promo time about Mia Yim calling her out. “She’s got a great story, pulled herself up from the streets and came from nothing. But it’s the most common story in fighting.” Shayna says no matter what Mia’s story will end the same as everyone else when they face Baszler.

Keith Lee vignette with tons of footage from Evolve. We need to Bask in his Glory. Keith Lee says he will be more than he has been, has to change himself to become the top. He is also wearing an anime shirt.

William Regal is interviewed walking into the arena and he says “Smackdown Live’s Apollo Crews will come back to NXT to face Kushida” It seems everyone in WWE wants to face Kushida.

NXT Tag Team Championships

Street Profits vs. Brit-Am Brawlers

  • Been waiting forever for Burch and Lorcan to get a team name, Nigel and Mauro called them the Brit-Am Brawlers and that’s what I am going with.
  • The match starts with a handshake, showing that these teams respect each other.
  • Ford and Dawkins take control of the match to start off the match. Dawkins is in another zone with his confidence and trash talk.
  • Brawlers are really getting taken to the woodshed and Street Profits even hit the old World’s Greatest Tag Team finisher.
  • Burch and Lorcan realize they can’t take the Street Profits lightly and turn up the aggression a notch. Dawkins gets worked over by the Brawlers and they cut the ring in half to keep Dawkins away from tagging Ford.
  • Brit-Am Brawlers name is dropped numerous times in this match, making me think that is the teams name going forward.
  • Angelo gets the tag to Montez who has the best hot tag comeback in the business. Ford has the match well in hand but then turns his attention to Dawkins for a split second and loss all momentum. Montez Ford is so good at everything tag team wrestling.
  • All four men are doing big strikes and big moves, after a flurry all four men are laid out. The crowd applauds and chants “This is Awesome”. Brit-Am Brawlers are known to run god damn sprints in their matches. Which is evident because I haven’t witnessed The Street Profits being this winded in a match.
  • We get a strike battle, dives to the outside, counter moves and a sprint finish with The Street Profits getting the victory.

And I’m Like… Remember how “Hip-Hop was dead” but it “lived in the South.” Well people say in WWE tag team wrestling is dead. Tag Team Wrestling Is Not Dead.. It Lives In NXT. This match had everything you could want in a 15 minute tag match. Street Profits are on another level right now. As the show went off the air The Undisputed Era came out and stared down the champs. Looks like the Profits ave another defense waiting in the wings.

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