Curt Stallion Interview: Audience of 3, Fan of Roman Reigns + Enjoys Twitter Feuds

In a bonus episode of UNSCRIPTED on Brainbusta Radio, Curt Stallion calls in to talk about his upcoming match with Matt Riddle on EVOLVE 132 and fighting on WWE Network the night prior in a 4 way. He spoke about how this is the biggest match of his career and how he’s been told he is “fighting for an audience of 3, and I mean the NXT hiring team”.

Curt also talks freely about his early starts in a very rural town built upon high school football where he “fought on the old wrestling mats” because he always knew he’d be a wrestler.

He also discussed his peers and who hits hardest. He took a moment to do a shoot on Sonic, which was plenty fun!

Hear who he would choose if he were starting a company. You’ll be shocked to hear one of those men would be Roman Reigns!

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