Sasha Banks Allegedly Asked For Her Release From WWE

The saga of Sasha Banks took another turn today.

For the uninitiated, Sasha Banks has been on the main roster since 2015. In that time she has: wrestled in the main event of Monday Night Raw, was one of the first women to main event a pay per view along with Charlotte, was a five time Raw women’s champion and the first modern WWE women’s tag team champion along with Bayley.

Of her six championship reigns, she only successfully defended the tag team championship. Her five Raw women’s championship reigns totaled less than 100 days combined.

Most recently Bayley and Sasha lost their tag team championships to The Iiconics. After Wrestlemania, Sasha posted something ‘cryptic’.

Then Sasha pulled out of her scheduled appearance on Wendy Williams.

Sasha has been known to use #IfYouOnlyKnew when there is something going on backstage.

News came out today from many sources stating that Sasha recently asked for her release AFTER Wrestlemania.

Dave Meltzer said that Banks felt blindsided when she was told at the last minute that they were taking the Women’s Tag Team Titles from her and Bayley.

Meltzer went on to say, via his source, that Banks was under the impression that WWE was going to give her and Bayley a strong title run to help bring credibility to the titles.

Sasha Banks was given a few weeks off to rethink her decision.

Sasha Banks is known to be close to The Revival, who have dealt with their own bit of “asking for their release” news. In the Revival’s case, after news broke that they were unhappy with WWE, they were rewarded with tag team championship reigns.

Check back with Bodyslam for any updates, as there are sure to be some.

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