Brock Lesnar Advertised For SmackDown LIVE On FOX Starting In October

As you probably know WWE’s SmackDown LIVE will be moving to Friday nights on the FOX Network beginning in October of this year.

Once the move takes place there has been discussion and debate about whether or not SmackDown LIVE will become the new “A show”, trading places with RAW. Will there still be a brand split by then? Who knows. But a sign as to how WWE is planning on treating SmackDown LIVE may have been given today during a NASCAR event of all things.

Today’s NASCAR Race was broadcast on the FOX Network, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio was actually in attendance today and drove the pace car kicking off the race. During the broadcast WWE’s SmackDown LIVE was mentioned as they brought up the shows move to Friday night on the FOX Network, and also mentioned that Brock Lesnar would be appearing on the broadcasts beginning in October.

This is rather interesting for multiple reasons. First being that Brock Lesnar has not been featured in any promotional material for this year’s SummerSlam PPV, and second being that many were unsure of Lesnar’s future with WWE as he is still said to be planning on returning to the UFC to challenge for their Heavyweight Championship.

There of course is always the possibility that WWE is just feeding Lesnar’s name to FOX for promotional purpose now while he’s still contracted just to gain interest in the show prior to the move later this year.

Also, unless the brand split is done away with or the possibility that he is drafted to SmackDown with the Universal title, it would suggest that Lesnar will no longer be holding the belt come October.


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