205 Live Recap: Episode 117

Last week on 205 Live: Jack Gallagher picked up a win over Lince Dorado in a match that had Drew Gulak on commentary, not talking about the match. Ariya Daivari had a character change. Mike Kanellis asked how long 16 years is. Tony Nese and Noam Dar tore the damn house down in a helluva match.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick covered the amazing match from Elimination Chamber between champion Buddy Murphy and challenger Akira Tozawa. Drake says there will be an eight man tournament. The winner faces Buddy Murphy at Wrestlemania. Probably the pre-show. TJP will face Humberto Carrillo and Mike Kanellis faces off against Cedric Alexander.

TJP vs. Humberto Carrillo

  • TJP is someone I could not stand. Then I heard him on the Wrassle Rap podcast and found him in a new light. He also has a bunch of tattoo’s now, which is crazy. I don’t remember him having one.
  • Not only does Humberto have some of the best entrance music, but Aiden English is really horny for him. It’s kinda great
  • Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher make their way down to the ring. They have been trying to guide Humberto Carrillo’s 205 career. They are admonishing him for going airborne.
  • TJP is doing some beautiful wrestling and counter wrestling with Humberto as commentary tells us the current Gulak/Carrillo storyline.
  • TJP is really having his way with Humberto. Carrillo attempts some offense but the high flying moves are being stopped. Which further cements Gulak’s theory of why high flying moves are bad in 205.
  • The storytelling on 205 Live is unmatched in WWE. English is talking about how anti-social TJP is backstage. Joseph and McGuinness put over Carrillo’s family lineage and how his wrestling style is hindering Humberto from victory. There are stories in the ring being told during the match, accentuated and enhanced by commentary. It’s tremendous work on everyone’s parts.
  • Humberto is finally able to hit a dive over the top rope and Gulak and Gallagher are CHEERING Humberto on. That is a twist. They seem like they actually care about Humberto winning and not just furthering their cause.
  • Carrillo attempts a top rope maneuver but it’s countered by TJP. I don’t really need to tell you the crowd is dead. I’ve gotten over it, because this storytelling is so good, you don’t REALLY need crowd involvement.
  • The last bit of the match had my complete attention. Just really smooth and well wrestled. Carrillo is able to gain the victory after his head stand springboard back flip. Gulak and Gallagher enter the ring to give Humberto a round of applause but still tell Carrillo he should have clasped his hands when hooking the leg.

And I’m Like… This is some great wrestling. The match told a story of TJP being wiser and just as talented, but Humberto had help in the way of Gulak’s advice. Carrillo never gave up and always created his own opportunities for offense. This shit is nuanced. A lot of 205 storytelling is, and then English usually spells it out for us, and it’s harmonious and beautiful.

Tony Nese cuts a promo about how now he finally believes in himself. We see clips of his match against Dar last week. Nese says he will win the championship at Wrestlemania. Which is interesting because on 205 Live, Nese and Murphy are very good friends.

Mike Kanellis is asked if it was wise to challenge Cedric Alexander since Mike loses a lot. Maria takes the mic and talks up Mike a bunch. Kind of a Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar scenerio. It really helps Mike’s character. Which is the physical male extension of Maria. Mike really doesn’t have a personality and is the nuanced version of what Meat was intended to be during the Attitude Era. Mike is almost acting as if he has no thought process other than to impress his wife, who unabashedly loves him. It’s such a crazy dynamic.

Ariya Daivari vs. Johnny Lyons

  • Ariya says this is the beginning of the Dinero Daivari Destruction of 205 Live.
  • Daivari’s character is “The Persian Boss” and is dressed like he was created on Def Jam Fight For NY. Ariya goes for cheap heel heat making fun of the local sports team.
  • Daivari is wrestling very aggressively and more like a brawler than before. The crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Johnny” so Ariya did his job.
  • Ariya hits a hammerlock lariat and then puts on the Cobra Clutch for the win.

And I’m Like… Commentary says its a version of the Million Dollar Dream/Cobra Clutch. Daivari wrestles like Eminem fucks. Refuses to take the jewelry off.

Buddy Murphy cuts a locker room promo. Murphy commends Drake for trying to give Buddy competition.

Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis vs. Cedric Alexander

  • Mike should be announced as “Wrestling for Maria Kanellis.. Mike Kanellis” instead of “Accompanied by Maria Kanellis”
  • Maria will not be on commentary, she will be sitting in a chair in front of the commentary table. Apparently Aiden was too disrespectful last week.
  • The match starts and the crowd is legit chanting “Let’s go Cedric” which is surprising because the 205 crowds usually sound like crickets.
  • The story of the match is the continual story of Mike Kanellis. Can he stay focused on his opponent. Lack of focus is the sole reason Mike is losing lately. Cedric is also in a slump and hasn’t won much, both men have something to prove. Alexander has to get over his lack of confidence and Kanellis has to learn how to harness his passion for his wife into winning.
  • The camera cuts to Maria approving of Mike’s ring work. Mike just has a chin lock on but with the camera cuts and story, the chin lock is so much more.
  • Cedric is staying calm through this whole thing and trying to hit his signature moves.
  • Cedric misses a springboard by slipping on the top rope and totally f’ing his knee up. Mike smells blood in the water and is attacking.
  • It messes me up when the right limbs are worked over instead of the left. I’m not used to it and it makes me think that the initial injury is real.
  • Alexander is really messed up and Kanellis is capitalizing. Mike got the closest nearfall of the night and Mike seems lost. He doesn’t know how to keep the pressure on and Cedric’s heart is too big.
  • After a backpack stunner nearfall. Mike starts slapping himself in the head. Trying to stay focused and not lose his confidence. He needs to start wrestling for himself and not his approval of Maria.
  • Cedric pinned Mike about six different times and Mike keeps kicking out. Both men are becoming desperate.
  • Mike and Cedric are battling on the ring apron and end up hitting dual boots to the head. It was vicious. Mike then hits a spinebuster on Cedric on the ramp and Cedric screams a sickening scream. One that will stick with me for a long time, like when Randy Orton stomped on Daniel Bryan’s arm in their No DQ match.
  • Alexander gets in the ring before being counted out but he is dead in the water. Mike is on another gear now. Filled with anger.
  • Cedric is suffering in a Boston crab and has to bite his thumb to not tap out. Alexander finally gets a rope break and Mike is showing major frustration with not being able to win.
  • Mike blows a kiss at Cedric and Alexander is able to drop Kanellis to the outside and hit a flip senton over the top rope. Maria can sense defeat.
  • Maria gets involved and won’t let Cedric get in the ring. Cedric is able to slide in but gets caught by Kanellis. Everyone thinks the match is over but Cedric had his shoulder up at the very very last moment. It is a perfectly done moment.
  • Kanellis lost his focus, lost his cool. Cedric catches Mike in a lumbar check and that’s the match.

And I’m Like… Mike Kanellis is doing amazing work. Dude is having outstanding matches, with crazy amounts of character work. Every match is more intriguing than the last and every loss feels important. I thought two weeks ago was one of the best matches I’ve seen, but this might top it. Wow, great shit.

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