205 Live Recap: Episode 116

Last week on 205 Live: Mike Kanellis and The Brian Kendrick wrestled one of the best character driven matches I’ve seen in a very long time. Akira Tozawa won a Fatal-4-Way match to become the new number one contender for Buddy Murphy’s crusierweight championship.

Cold Open-

The show starts with the Tony Nese/Noam Dar storyline. Noam got a win over Tony, Tony wanted a rematch and couldn’t get it. So then Nese attacked Dar in the parking lot, leading to Nese’s suspension. Noam pleaded and then demanded General Manager Drake Maverick reinstate Nese, so that Dar could have a match with Tony.

The commentary team runs down the card and mention that Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy will be having a contract signing.

Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher w/ Drew Gulak

  • Throwback match. I remember there was a long stretch where Lucha House Party would start every episode.
  • It’s crazy how Kalisto had a talking segment on Raw and is getting one now. Lince and Kalisto is allowed to talk. I guess Gran Metalik can’t because he doesn’t have a mouth opening on his mask. Lince and Kalisto do a good job, they have a different cadence than I’m used to.
  • Kalisto was going to have Gran Metalik sing but Jack Gallagher’s music hits before Metalik can belt out a note.
  • Drew Gulak is on commentary. The opening few minutes of the match is Vic Joseph and Gulak talking about how Tozawa really has a chance against Buddy Murphy.
  • As Jack Gallagher does some joint manipulation work, Drew talks about how they are recruiting Humberto Carrillo. Drew likes Carrillo because he doesn’t wear a mask.
  • Dorado walks the ropes and arm drags Jack, but then Lince goes to wrestle Jack, which isn’t happening.
  • Drew is talking about Humberto’s dimples. It’s crazy that Gulak is talking about all these storylines on 205 and not much attention is paid to Gallagher and Dorado.
  • “Lindsay Dorito” is what Gulak calls Lince Dorado. That is gold.
  • The match is Gallagher dominating the match, except for the small bursts of energy Lince gets to hit a move or two.
  • Dorado hits a very high risk move jumping from the top rope to the outside and takes Gallagher out. Drew is pointing out how both men are hurt, and that’s why you don’t jump off the top rope. Why hurt you and your opponent when you can just hurt your opponent?
  • Dorado has the match won but goes for a moonsault. Gallagher gets his knees up and Gulak applauds. Commentary talks about Humberto should be watching this. Gulak talks about how he could turn Carrillo into a star.
  • Gallagher is able to hit a rebound headbutt. I guess since Dean Ambrose is leaving, Gallagher gets the rebound move now.
  • Gallagher is bleeding from the mouth after the cross body to the outside earlier in the match.
  • Dorado and Gallagher to the obligatory battle on the top rope. Dorado goes for a top rope hurricanrana but Gallagher reverses it to a sunset flip pin for the win.

And I’m Like… There was a lot going on in that match. The commentary team and Drew Gulak were telling three different stories. The Akira/Buddy match, Humberto Carrillo’s future and why that interests Gulak and the actual match we watched. Lince and Jack had a nice by the numbers match with a few high spots thrown in. Having Gallagher counter almost every high flying move was a nice touch.

Humberto Carrillo leaves the locker room and runs into Kayla Braxton. Humberto feels fortunate that Gulak has taken interest in him. Humberto says he loves high flying and lucha wrestling, but if two of the worlds best wrestlers want to train him, he should at least listen.

Ariya Daivari, losing his “Daivari Dinero” gimmick for that of a “tough guy”. HE wears a wifebeater with a denim vest and a beanie. Some gold chains too. It’s definitely a look. The promo has some video effects and is recorded near a brick wall with Daivari looking out the window a bit. He basically says he is fed up and is ready to be a star after 13 years.

Mike and Maria Kanellis cut a promo backstage. There are some videos of Mike’s frustration while he is talking. Kanellis asked us if we knew “how long 16 years is?” Maria says she isn’t afraid of losses. They learn from losses. These two are the most interesting characters on 205 Live.

No Disqualification Match

Noam Dar vs. Tony Nese

  • I have yet to see either of these men in a No Disqualification match. This is real fresh to me.
  • The match starts as an out and out brawl. They go to the outside and Dar is in complete control. Hits an old Nigel McGuinness Crotch Lariat move.
  • Noam is getting nasty. Dar grabbed Nese’s fingers and puts them in part of the turnbuckle. Twisting Nese’s fingers until they turn purple.
  • Tony is able to fight back and bring a chair into the match. This match is vicious.
  • Innovative shit too. Tony drapes Noam on the ropes and a chair. Then hits a springboard moonsault to Noam Dar’s lower back.
  • Nese tries to pin Noam by holding Dar down with a chair. Some very cool stuff going on in this match.
  • As Tony is on offense, he is still selling his hand. Nese gets too cocky though and talks a bit too much smack, leaving an opportunity for Dar.
  • Noam turns the match around after dodging a cross body.
  • Dar is able to kick Tony’s leg out of his leg and that really turns the tide in the match. Noam gets the first real near fall in the match but both men look like they are really feeling the effects of this match.
  • A LOT of selling in this match and it’s fantastic.
  • Dar pulls out tons of chairs and suplexes Nese onto the chairs.
  • They end up fighting back in the ring and Tony does some sick pinkie work on Dar. Then hits a Pumphandle Driver on Dar for two. The crowd is chanting “table”.
  • Both men are spent, selling every body part that’s been worked over. This is some tremendous wrestling.
  • Nese goes to punch Dar and Noam blocks it with a punch. People in the crowd were legit cringing. Then Dar tries to put on a cross face with Tony’s arm in a chair. This match is showing so many inventive ways a No Disqualification match can bring.
  • Dar finally sets up the table as the crowd is clambering for it, but they don’t cheer.
  • Noam and Tony are fighting back and forth. Dar goes for an armbar, Tony powerbombs him on the steps. Noam goes for another armbar, Tony powerbombs Dar through the announce table.
  • The crowd tries a “Holy Shit” and a “Yes!” but neither catch on. Nese rolls Dar into the ring for a two count. This match is looooong.
  • Dar begins attacking Nese’s knee/ankle. Very vicious attacks ening in an ankle lock. Tony crawl to a chair and beats Noam Dar with the chair.
  • Nese hits Dar in the kneecap with the edge of the chair and Pillmanizes Dar’s left knee.
  • NESE RUNS AND KNEES DAR’S HEAD THROUGH THE BARRICADE! “This is Awesome” rings throughout the arena after that incredible spot.
  • Nese drags Dar into the ring and gets the three count.

And I’m Like… That was a helluva fight. These 205 Live guys are puting on some amazing wrestling. It’s a shame not too many people watch it. This was everything you could ask for and more. The more being the length of the match. Both men were working over body parts, we had sick submissions, table spots, barricade breaks and very, very good selling. 205 Live is on fire right now!

Drake mediates the backstage contract signing between Tozawa and Murphy. Tozawa signs it without talking. Murphy is trying to talk shit but Maverick is trying to hurry thing along. Buddy keeps talking about how great he is. Buddy says he already beat Tozawa and doesn’t think Tozawa is competition. Buddy signs the contract. Tozawa said he beat Neville.

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