Opinion: AEW vs WWE in 2019, Will WWE be in Trouble?

Party Like It’s 1995, the days of the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE.

All Elite Wrestling will be looking to compete with one of the top wrestling brands in the world and WWE might be having a few flashbacks with the news of the rising competition.

I assume that AEW will be the place to go for former WWE wrestlers/ Independent Wrestlers that feel that deserve more and are tired of being micromanaged…AEW will be the place for the wrestlers by the wrestlers.

WWE has seen plenty of wrestlers leave the last couple of years due to the fact that the independent wrestling scene seems to have greener pastures compared to the corporate-esque mindset that former indy stars that are signed to WWE are not used to.

With the success of All In in 2018 and the running of Double or Nothing coming up in 2019 ran by AEW, the upcoming promotion already has a giant following from the indy wrestling fan base.

All Elite Wrestling seems to be going all in to compete with the brand that attempted to sign the grouping that has decided to run their own promotion…maybe the WWE had an idea of what they were going to be running up against in the future and tried to avoid this.

AEW is having a rally on January 8, in the same area and day of Smackdown Live (their competition now). In order to get to the area for Smackdown Live on the 8th, fans will have to drive past the rally. With a TV deal all but confirmed for AEW the expectation is to run against Smackdown Live when they move to Fox Sports according to Dave Meltzer.

WWE may face the difficulty of having to beat All Elite Wrestling to the punch of indy wrestling stars that are on their radar…which hasn’t really been an issue for WWE.

2019 will be a very interesting year in wrestling with so much more being involved with the competition to WWE now being Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan, and All Elite…to name a few big brands.

There will probably be plenty more news coming with AEW emerging so stay tuned.

Lastly, if WWE really wants fans to stay engaged and have them “run the show” they better stick to their word because they can lose their fanbase with a blink of an eye with what All Elite Wrestling could possibly offer.

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