Vince McMahon Changes His Mind On WWE Plans Far More Now

Vince McMahon is the boss, whatever he says goes. He has the last word in any important decision taking place in WWE. However, that has also had negative effects throughout the years. 

  On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Vince’s tendency of changing RAW’s plans at the very last minute. He has been changing plans more often now.

Meltzer said “The reason it’s a disaster is because Vince changes his mind constantly,” and then Bryan Alvarez added ‘‘He’s been doing that forever!” 

Meltzer would reply: “But it’s worse now. Obviously, you know when you’ve got a guy that changes his mind what good is coming up with a great story when two weeks into your story it’s gonna change and then it’s off the rails?”

It has come to such a point that no one who actually can tell Vince that he should stop interfering with creative are able to tell him that. He will not be stopping anytime soon it seems.

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