NXT Recap: Takeover Wargames II

Last time on Wargames: I didn’t review it.

I am watching this Takeover with a buddy who has never watched NXT before. Only watches WWE and doesn’t like “indies” so you’ll get a little less play-by-play and more how I and my buddy felt about the matches and segments.

Cold Open

  • My buddy is apprehensive because he doesn’t know anyone and the opening package doesn’t really help.
  • For me I’m stoked because I follow week to week and I can see all these feuds coming to a head.

Matt Riddle Promo

  • My buddy says “King of Bros? Is he like a stoner Zack Ryder?” and I honestly didn’t know how to respond. I just said “no”.
  • Riddle says that Kassius Ohno interrupted Riddle during the pre-show so he wants a match now.
  • Kassius told the ref to ring the bell.

Kassius Ohno vs. Matt Riddle

  • Knee to face and Kassius lost.

And I’m Like… This one was hard to analyze. My buddy was hitting the dab pen during the beginning and now that he is high he said. “This Matt Riddle dude is pretty cool.” So there ya go. This seemed to be a showcase for Riddle and Ohno looks shocked. I hope that this is the beginning of a feud.

NXT Woman’s Championship

2 out of 3 falls match

Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler (c)

  • A little surprised there wasn’t a video package for this.
  • Kairi starts the match off with a dropkick as the bell rings and ya girl does no slow down. Running neckbreakers and knees. Kimps from the apron to the outside.
  • Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Strong show up and ram Kairi’s head into the ring post. Kairi walks right into a Kirafuda clutch by Shayna and Sane taps out for the first fall.
  • Shayna Baszler scored the first win
  • Sane gets blasted with a knee to the face and almost loses two straight falls.
  • Baszler stomped Kairi directly in the mouth and is treating Sane like a punching bag.
  • There are quick nearfalls already and the crowd is counting along to every pin. The crowd is wild right now.
  • Sane countered a suplex on the apron into a spike ddt and it was amazing.

  • After that happened Sane hit another InSane elbow and got the pinfall.
  • Kairi Sane gets the pinfall to tie the match 1-1
  • My buddy says “No way this Shayna can lose with her two friends at ringside. This crowd is super loud though, especially for a woman’s match.”
  • Huge nearfall had the crowd explode and everyone thinking Kairi was winning. Shayna is showing no offense.
  • Marina and Jessamyn interfered again that brought out Dakota Kai. Dakota got taken out by Shafir and Duke rather quickly but it’s nice to know Kairi has fans.
  • IO FUCKING SHARI COMES OUT!!! Moonsaults onto all the women outside.
  • Sane went for an InSane elbow and Shayna caught Sane’s arm, turned it into a crucifix pin for the win.

And I’m Like… That was a fun match. It never lagged and was exciting and entertaining. Having Kairi’s friends show up was a huge blast of energy and watching Io hit the moonsault was beautiful. What a way to start off the show!

Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

  • My buddy said “That was pretty good, off the video package I got Gargano. I like him he reminds me of Finn Balor.”
  • I don’t have a prediction really, Johnny winning adds confidence to his character but kind of leaves Aleister out in the cold. Johnny losing makes him questions the decisions he made and leaves a bit of story left in Black and Gargano.
  • Then the entrances happened. Black rises from the ground and my buddy says “I don’t see how this guy could ever lose.” Which is kind of spot on. The presence Black has in his entrance mixed with the reactions and the music is unmatched. He is a superstar.
  • The match starts with a long stare down and a roar of the crowd.
  • Gargano fires the first shot with a slap to the face and WE ARE OFF TO THE RACES.
  • This is fast and furious stuff.
  • Johnny got striked to hell and back and looked to be over matched. That is until the wrestling started. Johnny technical as hell and got really cocky after applying his first submission.
  • These two are still pretty even. Aleister stops a huge sequence with a tope con hilo over the top rope. My buddy has now picked up his phone. Lost interest I guess.
  • Really good counter wrestling here. Like every move is life or death and neither man wants to make even a single mistake.
  • Johnny gets the advantage with a suicide dive into a ddt. My buddy said “they do a lot more moves than WWE. I kinda like this.”
  • Johnny screamed at Aleister that Black isn’t the chosen one, Gargano is.
  • Standing ovation from the crowd. This match keeps the craziest of paces.
  • Honestly these sequences are out of control and I can’t even keep up with them not to mention typing.
  • Aleister countered Garga-No Escape with a pin and Johnny then landed a few kicks then lawn darted Aleister into the turnbuckle.
  • Johnny mimics hitting the Black Mass. Johnny is showing that he is gonna kick Aleister in the face and Black sat down and begged for it.
  • Black avoided the knee, then a sequence happened and Gargano hit Black in the back of the head for two. Wow.
  • Aleister caught a suicide diving Johnny with a knee to the face. Mid-air. This. Is. Too. Much.
  • Gargano is kissing Aleister’s foot and admitting defeat but then reverses Black Mass with a school boy and transitions into a Garga-No Escape.
  • “Tap OUT! Tap OUT! I’m the hero!” says Johnny but Gargano pulls back to far and Aleister gets a pin attempt.
  • Aleister hits two knees to the face and lands Black Mass. Black holds Gargano up by his chest and hits another Black Mass.

And I’m Like… The bell rang and my buddy said “That was pretty fucking intense.” Which, yea. Johnny Gargano has been on 11 Takeovers now and has had THE match of the night or contender for the match of the night. Seek this out if you can because it is all the way live. 

NXT Championship

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream

  • Dream cosplaying as Hollywood Hulk Hogan is honestly the best. He pulls it off so well too.
  • My buddy said after video package and entrances he has Ciampa.
  • Ciampa kisses his belt but he kisses the sideplate that says Ciampa. It’s a little nuance that I loved when I noticed. He loves himself so much. He loves being considered the best. The belt says Ciampa is the best in NXT, and that makes Tommaso love himself more.
  • The match starts with a feeling out process and Dream is showing a lot of disrespect.
  • Dream knows that Ciampa is obsessed with the championship Tommaso calls “Goldie”. So Dream goes to the belt and drops it on the floor. This causes a big enough distraction for Dream to gain the advantage.
  • Velveteen was going all over the ring hitting loads of offense until Tommaso caught Dream with a clothesline mid springboard to the outside.
  • Ciampa knocked out Dream with a running knee in the corner but Tommaso did not capitalize with a pin. Ciampa is relishing in doling out the punishment.
  • Ciampa screams “I’m the man! I’m the main event.” When he happens to not be the main event. It’s nice that both he and Gargano are yelling about who they are while having matches.
  • Dream was getting chinlocked and spit just fell out of his mouth. It was long and sticky and grossed me out almost as bad as Sami Callihan and Tom Lawlor’s match on MLW this week. Spit in wrestling is like my biggest reason I gag.
  • Velveteen hit the Hogan comeback. With the punches and the big boot. Three legdrops and a spinebuster only got a two count. The crowd popped huge for it though.
  • The amount of time Dream has been on offense is staggering.
  • Dream did a figure four around the ring post and I gasped. When you do a figure four around the ringpost the person that is recieving the hold should grab the foot of the applier. So then the person doing the move doesn’t slam their head on the concrete. Dream’s foot wasn’t grabbed and dude fell hard on the concrete.
  • After that there was a huge figure four in the ring that was being reversed and countered. Then there was a suplex over the top rope where both men fell to the outside. Ciampa hurt his right foot and leg.
  • Dream put Ciampa back in the ring at 9 and Ciampa is limping and slapping the mat in anger and the ref has gloves on for blood.
  • Dream and Ciampa trade nearfalls and the crowd is at a fever pitch. This match really kicked into high gear.
  • Ciampa hits a Project Ciampa and Dream kicks out to everones suprise. Ciampa is now taking his whole ass boot apart trying to relieve the pressure in his ankle.
  • Ciampa grabs the championship title and tries to use it but the ref stops him. Dream hits the DDT on the championship for ONLY TWO!!!!
  • I bought that shit so hard. So f’n hard.
  • Ciampa’s boot came off while hitting a draping ddt for two. Dream could barely kick out… This match might be better than Black vs. Gargano and that is mind blowing.
  • Tommaso goes to the outside and removes the padding exposing the concrete. Dream throws Ciampa over the table. Tommaso hits Mauro a bit. Dream hits a DVD on the padding.
  • Dream hits a Purple Rainmaker for TWO!!! JEEEZUS!
  • Dream goes for another Purple Rainmaker on the apron and Ciampa moves. Dream ruins his elbow and entire side of his body. Ciampa brings Velveteen in the ring and hits a draping ddt on the metal platform connecting the two rings. That finally gets the victory.

And I’m Like… Fucking wow. That was absolutely amazing. I can’t believe what I just saw. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with emotion and trying to process what you went through. This is one of those times, I can’t put into words my opinion on the match because I just keep saying THAT WAS AMAZING. My buddy said “This was like.. wow.. I’ve never seen anything like this. How many kickouts were there?” and I’m the same way. Like I keep trying to think of the moments and what they meant but I can’t process it. Too good.

War Games The Match Beyond

Undisputed Era vs. War Raiders, Ricochet and Pete Dunne

  • I like that the Undisputed Era’s symbol has now added an S to it to represent Strong. Took a whie but it’s needed.
  • As Adam Cole walks out my buddy says “I like this dude… He has the thing.”
  • War Raiders debuted new entrance gear and it is outstanding. A whole get up of shoulder pads and masks and all that. Fur too!
  • Pete Dunne is out next meaning it will be Ricochet and Adam Cole to start War Games.
  • To new viewers.. or like wrestling fans that are casual watchers. Championships mean things. My buddy is very interested in the UK and North American champions and wiki’ing their histories right now. He didn’t do that for any non champions.
  • Cole and Ricochet are daring each other to enter the ring that they each are in. Dumb move for Ricochet because he only has five minutes of a one-on-one match before Undisputed Era gets the advantage. The longer it takes to start the match the worse it is for Ricochet.
  • Cole is dominating this first part o the match. Pretty surprising. Even hitting his suplex neckbreaker combo.
  • Ricochet hits a springboard shoulderblock to take both men out as Kyle O’Reilly runs to the ring.
  • Kyle viciously attacks Ricochet and its basically curtains for Ricochet until help arrives.
  • Ricochet tries his best to overcome the odds but after a dragon screw he now has a “knee injury”
  • Pete Dunne tried to run out to fight next but Hanson stopped him and the crowd “ooooh’d” maybe cause early dissension.
  • Hanson destroys both members of Undisputed Era and shows absolute dominance.
  • Ricochet has Hanson get on all fours and does a shooting star press from off of Hanson’s back.
  • Roderick Strong is the next competitor out and comes in like a house of fire.
  • Roderick throws knees and chops and backbreakers galore.
  • Hanson is decimated after repeated attacks by all three members of Undisputed. Just absolute control of the match right now.
  • Rowe would not let Dunne leave again. Dunne is seething in the cage. War Raiders didn’t trust Dunne and I think that will cost them.
  • Rowe hits a powerslam and powerbomb on Strong and O’Reilly at the same exact time.
  • Now Cole is surrounded by Ricochet and The War Raiders. I don’t think Bobby Fish will have much of an advantage when he comes out.
  • Bobby Fish is out next and he runs over and unlocks Pete Dunne. Then padlocks Dunne in the cage and takes the key. Well that is a definite advantage!
  • Bobby throws the key into the crowd!! AND INTRODUCES WEAPONS! The chairs all have Undisputed Era decals on the chairs. This is amazing.
  • All four members get their own chairs and take the other team to the woodshed. This is the smartest move I’ve ever seen done in War Games.
  • Pete Dunne should be let out the cage but one of the ref’s keys doesn’t work on the extra padlock. So I don’t know if the match has started or not. This match could go all night. Which would not make my wife happy because she is waiting for my buddy to leave and he is staying until Takeover is done.
  • The refs come out with bolt cutters and Dunne is frothing at the mouth to come in. The crowd is lit for this.
  • The Undisputed Era is putting all their attention on Dunne and not continuing the beat down on their opponents. My wife is happy Dunne is out!
  • Ricochet goes off the top rope and takes out Undisputed Era and Dunne loads the ring with trash cans and Singapore canes.
  • Dunne finally enters the ring WAR GAMES HAS BEGUN!
  • Dunne is going ham with the cane on Undisputed Era. Nigel is surprised at the recovery that Ricochet and The War Raiders made. This is legit all out war with all the weapons and chaos.
  • There are huge spots happening everywhere. The crowd is reacting to stuff the camera isn’t catching and the announcers are doing their best to call the action.
  • War Raiders are taking the whole Undisputed Era team apart by themselves! First pinfall attempt.
  • My buddy can’t believe how tan the ref is.
  • Pete Dunne is trapped in an ankle lock by O’Reilly while the rest of Undispute Era holds off War Raiders and Ricochet with chairs. Strong puts Pete in a camel clutch while getting ankle locked and Strong uses a chair to smush Dunne’s face.
  • Ricochet finally makes the save.
  • Dunne and Ricochet hit stereo moves off the top rope onto Strong and Cole and only get a two count. War Raiders are now setting up a table. This match is beginning to lag a bit.
  • Fish spears Rowe through a table taking both of them out of the match. Both men are motionless .
  • Ricochet puts O’Reilly on the table but Kyle locks in a triangle. Ricochet is close to tapping but Hanson jumps from one ring to the next with a splash on Kyle through the table. Roddy breaks up the pin by throwing a trash can. That was very good.
  • “This is Awesome” from the crowd. The match feels laggy because all the guys are selling the brutality of the match.
  • Both Ricochet and Adam Cole are on the top of the cage now and fighting it out.
  • Roddy starts climbing the cage too. They are trying to push Ricochet off the top of the cage because if someone escapes they lose the match for their team.
  • Pete Dunne climbs to make the save and works on Adam’s fingers. A Tower of Doom spot builds and my buddy says “oh my god, all these dudes are dead. He has never witnessed a tower of doom spot.
  • Ricochet is still on the top of the cage. The crowd is chanting for him. My wife is even into this now. So that helps me out too!!
  • Ricochet hits a double moonsault from the top of the cage onto the whole group of dudes. He almost missed the whole lot of them though so the idea of the move was cooler than the execution based on the camera angle.
  • Both teams go to a ring of their own and face off against each other as the crowd chants “NXT” we get an all out brawl and the crowd is wilder than those at the Roman Coliseum during gladiator times.
  • High spot after high spot the action is nonstop.
  • Dunne hits the Bitter End on Adam Cole and Ricochet hits some sort of splash. Both Dunne and Ricochet pin Cole and that’s all folks.

And I’m Like… My buddy said “helluva match”. I can believe how much that match built. Roddy is in a lot of pain and talking to the referee. Both U.K. Champion and North American Champion got the pinfall and celebrate together. This was a tremendous show topped off with a very memorable match. It was slow at parts but it needed to be. Everyone tonight put on a great performance and my hats off to all involved. I. Love. This. Wrestling!

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