MLW Fusion Recap Episode 25: Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park, ACH vs. Davey Boy

Last week on MLW Fusion: Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan brawled all throughout the arena but never actually had match. Jason Cade showed up and showed out in a match, afterwards he was attacked by Jimmy Yuta continuing his rivalry. Low Ki is still champion after defeating Fenix.

Cold Open

Low Ki does one of his Morgan Freeman narrations over last weeks events. Man, I gotta be honest, it’s hard for me to get excited or enjoy anything that involves Low Ki. As real as he tries to make his wrestling, and by real I mean actually beating up and injuring some opponents. He undoes all of his in ring effort by his “serious” character. It just feels so forced.

The main event tonight is a Mexican Massacre Match. Not sure what that match is or how it differs from a normal hardcore match, but I am excited to see. We also get ACH and Davey Boy Smith Jr. going against each other. Also, a Simon Gotch challenge.

MJF and Aria Blake meet with Salina De La Renta in Puerto Rico. MJF asks Salina to get a bounty hunter for Joey Janela. Then Low K shows up to offer a solution.

Ricky Martinez w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Jake St. Patrick

This is still some footage from the War Games tapings. This match is deemed a middleweight bout.

The match starts with Martinez hitting a pop up knee to the face. Followed by a gyration from Martinez and some extreme humping.

Martinez does about four more moves and wins the match very quickly. All I will remember is the extreme humping. Also, Salina apparently wears Versace and Gucci.

Tom Lawlor cuts a promo from the side of the road in the desert. Starts off by jump roping and then drops some idioms about how he works hard every day to take on Shane Strickland.

Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge

Simon Gotch w/ Tom Lawlor vs. Ganegrel

Simon runs down the rules. You must beat Gotch in less than 5 minutes or survive the 5 minutes. The purse is now $2,000.

Gangrel does his blood spit while commentary says October 26th will be their Halloween episode.

The match starts off with a bang and both men are not holding back. There isn’t a time limit in the corner so I don’t know if the five minute rule is still in place. Tony tells us that the rule is still in place but it doesn’t matter much because Gangrel just bites Gotch until Gangrel is disqualified. So that was something that happened.

ACH is interviewed by Kacy Lennox. ACH says he is not happy because Rich Swann was knocked out. ACH says MLW is unprofessional because Hart Foundation is still booked after injuring and bullying people.

Callihan cuts a promo about Jimmy Havoc and the Spin the Wheel Make the Deal match. There are sirens in the background and Callihan works it into his promo which was a very nice touch. Callihan warns us that this will be the most violent match in MLW history. Terry Funk once brought a fireball and branding iron in a match, so they have a lot to live up to.

MLW is pitching their new special taking place from Chicago. It’s called Fightland. Shane Strickland vs. Low Ki for the MLW Heavyweight Title and the debut of Rush from CMLL.

ACH vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy makes his way to the ring, spots a Hulk Hogan cosplayer and goes to shake hands but blows off the fake Hogan. ACH comes out angry for a second and then pops that million dollar smile of his. ACH busts out his Franky “SUUPPPEERR” pose and Schiavone screams out “SUUPPPEERRR”.

The match starts off with an aggressive ACH. ACH knows he is in over his head so has to start the attack early. The attack is to no avail because DBS just overpowers ACH with a German suplex to take control of the match. A forearm to the face of ACH left ACH drooling.

ACH comes back furiously with some strikes and hits a deadlift German suplex pin for two. Tony and Rich are already saying that ACH is hitting his comeback and we are only a couple minutes into this match. ACH misses a frog splash and DBS is able to hit a running stampede for the win… Wow these matches are super quick and do little to really showcase the wrestlers.

Kaci Lennox is interviewing Konnan about the Mexican Massacre Match. Salina De La Rent shows up to say Konnan forgot the kind of superstars she represents. Then some Spanish is spit. Konnan says he has been in jail with L.A. Park that they have gone back a long ways and that Park will turn on Salina in due time.

Mexican Massacre Match

Pentagon Jr. w/ Konnan vs. L.A. Park w/ Salina De La Renta

Salina has worn a different outfit every time she has appeared on camera. Tony is the fashion expert ad puts over the designer of all of De La Renta’s outfits. L.A. Park is a legend, he is the chairman and he also has a bit of a gut to him but that doesn’t seem to effect his wrestling abilities.

The match starts and within seconds L.A. Park hits Pentagon in the face with a trashcan and does his signature strut.

Pentagon gets his mask halfway torn off and hit in the head with a chair. L.A. Park walks away from Pentagon to get a table (which happens to be the merch table). Park then hits Pentagon with a dust pan and then grabs some chain from the lighting rig to start choking Pentagon. Park really has NFLTG.

Park takes off his big ass weight belt and starts whipping Pentagon. Pentagon prior to this match really came off as a legit badass. Park was making Pentagon look like a little bitch but that didn’t last long. Pentagon reverses one move and then flips over the top rope onto Park through a table.

We have chair shots to the head in this match too. Now Park’s mask is being torn up. These guys are all about doling out the punishment and not much else. Pentagon even threatened to hit the referee with what is left of the dustpan.

Everything that Park did to Penta, Penta is doing back to Park. Pentagon hits a double stomp but only gets a two count. Park is able to get a nearfall after a clothesline. The crowd is on their feet and hot as hell. a “This is Awesome” chant after a damn clothesline!

Pentagon keeps the attack on L.A. Park but continually distracts himself by throwing insults at Salina De La Renta. Both men are spent after 10 minutes into the match. Laid out on the concrete while the camera zooms in on a worried Salina.

After both men get to their feet, they get back in the ring and trade pinfall attempts after lariats and slingblades. L.A. Park leaves the ring to get another table. Most wrestlers get tables from under the ring. Park goes to the merch stand to get his. The second merch table is now being used after the first was smashed off the top rope dive from Penta.

Pentagon puts Park on the top rope and starts hitting him repeatedly with a trash can on the head. Then both men do a table spot I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Then chaos ensues. Pentagon throws a fireball and maybe hits the ref. Then Pentagona hits the ref with a trash can. Then all of a sudden Penta gets pinned and the ref fast counts while no selling the fire and trash can. Weird shit.

This week went by really quickly and I don’t know if I liked it or not. The final match was fun until the whacky finish. L.A. Park finished off the show with a promo in Spanish… Salina translated that L.A. Park wants to challenge Lucha Bros. for their titles. Pentagon answers in Spanish as well. We really need some subtitles on this show.

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