MLW Fusion Recap Episode 24: Rey Fenix vs. Low Ki, Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Havoc

Last week on MLW Fusion: There was a six man between The Hart Foundation and Stud Stable, it felt like a AAA match and not in a good way. Aria Blake broke her arm on Joey Ryan’s penis but Ryan and Taya Valkyrie still lost to Aria and MJF. Brody King and PCO had a slobberknocker that went to a double disqualificaton.

Cold Open

The show opens showing last week where Parrow was kicked out of Studd Stable. Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan are already fighting in the back and there match isn’t scheduled to happen yet.

Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Havoc

So the match just started in the back. No referee but the commentary is calling it. This is pretty exciting and unconventional. I really dig it. Jimmy Havoc is my favorite wrestler that also has Crohn’s disease.

The shows theme song plays and we get a run down on tonights show.. So maybe Havoc and Callihan aren’t wrestling right now?

Jason Cade w/ Rhett Giddins vs. Myron Reed

Jason Cade has really grown on me since I started watching MLW and paying attention to the Florida indie scene. His confidence has grown leaps and bounds and he has turned into a really charismatic wrestler.

Reed wrestled before against Kotto Brazil so this is his second time in MLW. This seems to be a match in the middleweight division. Cade jumps Reed before the bell rings but Reed is quick to go on the offensive.

This is still from the War Games tapings so I don’t know if there will be much in the way of storyline progression.

Both men fight to the outside where it doesn’t look like there is any padding. Reed seemed to have hit his head on the concrete. That is the story that commentary is telling. Reed fires up but the crowd isn’t much behind him. That is until he hits this move.

The crowd started to invest in the match after that and began cheering Reed on. Cade was making in ring mistakes left and right. Taking too long, playing to the crowd and it left him open to get kicked in the jaw.

Reed and Cade got into a strike battle that transitioned into a turnbuckle powerbomb by Cade. That was followd by a poisoned rana by Reed and both men were laid out as the crowd started a “Let’s Go Reed” chant. There was a nearfall when Myron hit a springboard cutter that had the crowd counting along with the pinfall. This match is very fun.

Jason Cade got a nearfall with a cradleshock and the camera zoomed in on Cade’s face. This man has some fantatstic facail reactions. Reed is now in the other ring because this is the War Games set up. Commentary tries to make sense of it and why the ref wasn’t counting Myron out. Doesn’t matter though because Myron Reed became a GIF machine after hitting this amazing cutter.

Rhett Giddins gets involved and provides a distraction long enough for Cade to hit the Backslide Driver for the victory. Cade attempts an after match promo but Jimmy Yuta shows up to get some hits in on Jason and bail.

Schiavone tells us that Callihan and Havoc are still fighting in the back. 

Yuta gets interviewed about jumping Jason Cade. Yuta says that CAde will pay for what he did.

Fury Road hype when we hear that MJF will defend the Middleweight Championship vs. Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta in a triple threat. We also see Tom Lawlor vs. Shane Strickland for who will be the Ace of MLW. Tommy Dreamer will take on Brody King and Hart Foundation faces off against ACH, Rich Swann and Marko Stunt. They announce a lot more ending with L.A. Park vs. PCO in a match that could have been booked over the past 20 years. 

Brody King cuts a promo against Tommy Dreamer. Brody is more intimidating when he doesn’t talk. He basically says he is more violent than Tommy.

Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan fight continues

Sami is choking out Jimmy and Jimmy fights off with a wet floor sign. They are walking into the bathroom and Callihan ends up biting Havoc’s hand. One thing I love about MLW is that they remember wrestling history. The spin the wheel make a deal match, War Games, Boiler Room Brawl and having a backstage fight go into the bathroom. So much stuff that brings back a nostalgic feel but feels new as well.

Shane Strickland cuts a promo about how he has always been the Ace of MLW. 

MJF tries to get some help from Salina De La Renta but can’t get past her security.

Jason Cade cuts a real forced promo about Yuta about how Cade is a bad person and he is taking his anger out on Yuta.

Court Bauer says “next Thursday Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Havoc in a Spin The Wheel Make the Deal Match” and that security is breaking up this fight. So I guess that’s the end of that match.

Tom Lawlor cuts a promo about how he is the future and present in MLW. He wants Swerve to bring his best.

Recap of Low Ki and Fenix’s rivalry over the past few months. Lucha Bros were members of Salina’s group but left her because she was taking advantage of them. They didn’t know this until Konnan brought it up to them. Then Salina teamed up with Low Ki who became MLW champion. Low Ki does his Morgan Freeman narration thing at the end of the video.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Rey Fenix w/Konnan vs. Low Ki (c) w/Salina De La Renta

Fenix comes out with two titles. One is half of the MLW Tag Team Championship and the other is the AAA Mega Championship.

Low Ki makes his entrance and walks down the ramp to a cavalcade of boos. Salina looks very confident. When she was representing the Lucha Bros they won the tag team titles. Now she reps Low Ki and he is the heavyweight champion. She might be a dirty promoter but she knows what she is doing.

The match starts with a drawn out feeling out process. Which is necessary because these men have never faced off before. Fenix hits some crazy dives to get in control of the match and have control of the crowd. This dive is the craziest yet.

Low Ki is able to gain control of the match and starts kicking and chopping the shit out of Fenix. Schiavone calls one of the kicks a “back leg front kick” which is what Eric Bischoff used to call certain kicks. MLW subtlety hitting that nostalgic button again.

As Low Ki continues the beatdown my mind starts to wonder. What happened to the woman’s division in MLW? There was a few weeks where Su Yung would come out and dominate everyone in her path. Santana Garrett was around for a bit. I don’t remember the last time there was a segment that was female dominated. Very interesting for a wrestling promotion to not feature any woman wrestlers. We had the mixed tag last week but it was Taya’s MLW debut so who knows if she will be a fixture moving forward.

Fenix is catapulted into the metal ring post, the true hardest part of the ring. Fenix gets busted open and starts bleeding all over his mask. Low Ki channels his inner pitbull and continues the attack. Ripping Fenix’s mask open, getting Fenix’s blood on his hands and wiping it on his own chest. Fenix is left for dead outside of the ring while Low Ki patiently waits in the ring.

The referee checks on Fenix to see if he can continue the match. That fires Fenix up long enough to engage in a chop battle. Low Ki wins the chop battle and calls Fenix a bitch.

Fenix bleeding so bad that when Low Ki headbutted him, Ki got Fenix’s blood on his own head. The referee for some reason is only wearing one latex glove. Commentary points out where all the blood is as Low Ki relentlessly chops Fenix.

Fenix still has fight left in him and hits a sequence of three big moves for a near fall. Low Ki is struggling to get to his feet and the match is hitting another gear. If you read these recaps regularly you’ll know that I’m not a Low Ki fan in the slightest. That being said this might be the most I’ve enjoyed the MLW version of Low Ki.

Lots of moves off the top rope, high impact moves and finishers are hit that lead to great nearfalls. The crowd is firmly behind Fenix and seem to be enjoying this match immensely. Salina took off Fenix’s mask. Fenix was too preoccupied hiding his face that Low Ki hit the grossest looking double stomp. Bends the back in a way it shouldn’t bend.

Turns out Havoc and Callihan are still fighting. LOL. Callihan yells “YOU’RE CRAZY JIMMY” Jimmy says “I know”. Sami runs off outside into the woods.

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