NXT Recap: Episode 471

Last week on NXT: William Regal put The Undisputed Era in matches for the next few weeks, EC3 came back from injury to interfere in a Lars Sullivan match, Street Profits were serious and they seriously lost to The Mighty, Kairi Sane destroyed Vanessa Borne and Ciampa and Otis Dozovic put on an NWA Saturday Night classic.

Cold Open

Nikki Cross cutting a promo in between some walls like Roach from People Under The Stairs. She lets on that she knows who attacked Aleister Black.

Candice LaRae vs. Lacey Evans

This is a match that was made because last week Lacey Evans pulled a Clubber Lang saying it’s sad that Johnny Gargano didn’t marry a real woman.

The match starts off with a collar and elbow and Candice getting some anger out on Evans. That is until Evans lands a huge shoulder block. Lacey takes over after that and even has time to pull out a napkin and wipe the perspiration off of her head.

Lacey then gets a head scissors on Candice and precedes to do push-up’s as Nigel and Mauro liken Evans to Mildred Burke and Judy Grable. Lacey was getting a bit too cocky and starting talking trash to Candice.

That fired LaRae up enough to mount a comeback. After jumping from the top rope and hitting a flatliner on Lacey, Candice goes for the pin and gets a nearfall. Lacey tries to recover in the corner and still is talking trash to LaRae.

Candice is so full of anger that she beats on Evans so much the ref has to take Candice off of Lacey. When Candice goes back for the attack, Lacey Evans hits The Woman’s Right punch for the win.

The Gargano household must be very tense. What with Candice and Johnny continually losing because of anger issues and all.

Video package of The North American Championship match coming up and how important the N.A. championship is.

It’s weird, I signed up for that WWE Fan Council thing where you get emails from WWE about your preferences in wrestling. I commented on how NXT was better because of the video packages developing character, making it easier to identify with the characters and their motives. It seems that NXT is beginning to do that more. There are so many character packages before and after matches.

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a backstage promo telling Velveteen Dream to be careful.

The Forgotten Sons beat a team of unknowns that Nigel called “an eclectic trio”

Shayna Baszler challenging Kairi Sane recap

Tony Nese cuts a promo about how NXT is supposed to have the top level talent in Sports Entertainment. He is here to take over NXT.

Ms. Belair gets a backstage interview about Nikki Cross. Bianca is not here to play and she only cares about what she wants. She is still Un-Duh-Feat-Ed.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tony Nese

Tony Nese’s gimmick is that he has eight abs. The camera zooms in on Nese and then cuts to Gargano who also has eight abs.

The match starts out pretty fast paced with some back and forth wrestling between the competitors. The match is so quick that the crowd in Full Sail barely have time to get in their chants.

After a dive to the outside and some brawling the match slows down a bunch when Nese puts a leg scissors on Gargano. They never let the match die though and are sure to throw in a lot of high impact, high flying moves.

The match plays out like both men are equals. Both make some errors which leave them vulnerable for the others offense. Each hit huge moves on each other but don’t do enough damage. It’s like a superhero battle.

Nese finally gets caught one too many times and taps to the Garga-No Escape. A very fun match for what it was.

So Roderick Strong breaks Oney Lorcan’s face without a peep from wrestling Twitter, but Brie Bella knocks Liv Morgan loopy and twitter calls for Bella’s head.

Lars Sullivan vs. EC3

Yep that yelling before Sullivan’s music has to be apart of Lars’ actual theme. It is amazing. Then EC3 comes out and that same yell happens.. So I guess there is just a bad ass woman in the crowd with superior entrance theme timing.

EC3 runs to the ring and brings the fight to Sullivan before the bell even rings. Eventually the match starts but EC3 never lets up and continually attacks Lars. Sullivan keeps coming back and tries to choke EC3.

Sullivans back is cut up like he was Hardcore Holly after taking a bump on a table during WWECW. Man showers are gonna suck for Sullivan. EC3 puts a front facelock on Lars while keeping his mouth open, which leads to EC3’s open mouth touching the cut on Lars’ back.. Messed up shit man.

Lars ends up changing the complexion of the match after a lariat. Sullivan still hasn’t changed the complexion of his tongue, which is still yellow/orange. If Lars and Liv made out their tongues would end up green.

After a bit of back and forth EC3 ends up getting cut on his eye. Props to the ref who doesn’t even put on those latex gloves. After all is said in done, Lars hits a top rope headbutt for the win. EC3 is bleeding from the mouth and arm and eye. Lars is bleeding from the back. This match was harder hitting than it had any right to be and was just a fucking brawl. Good stuff!

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