NXT Recap: Episode 470

Last week on NXT: Lacey Evans tradwifed all over the NXT woman’s division with a win over Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo, Aliyah was also there. Jaxson Ryker won a match but still lost because his nae is JAXSON RYKER. The Street Profits told us that their chains/necklaces mean a lot to them. Pete Dunne and Ricochet got beat up by Undisputed Era so the match ended in a no contest.

Cold Open

There wasn’t a cold open, just the NXT theme song and video

William Regal saunters his evil British ass to the ring. He brings up that he is close to figuring out who attack Aleister Black. Undisputed Era make their way out with a new entrance video. Adam Cole says Regal isn’t doing his job and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes. Cole blames Regal for this. Then Roderick Strong calls the War Raiders “cosplay vikings”. 

Regal wonders why he was interrupted when he brought up the Aleister Black investigation. Cole changes the subject to the War Raiders and Pete Dunne and Ricochet. Undisputed Era are disrespecting Regal while demanding a title match with Ricochet. Regal announces a triple threat match two weeks from now with Cole, Dunne and Ricochet for the North American championship. Three weeks from now its O’Reilly and Strong vs. War Raiders for NXT tag titles. 

That’s nice that we get to look forward to the future of NXT without worrying about a Takeover. Kind of shakes up the format which is appreciated.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed walking to the arena. He says this is the first time in a while he finally feels good. He went home for a while and got his head right. “Sometimes you gotta get knocked down lower than you ever were, to rise to the highest you ever have.” 

Lacey Evans comes up to Johnny and Candace after the interview and wife shames Candace for not being a good wife. Candace tries to defend herself but Johnny says Evans isn’t worth it.

Sure is a lot of stuff before the actual wrestling.

Velveteen is interviewed in the back and I am interested but man, one thing after another on this episode. Need a palate cleanser in by way of a match. Dream implied that Tomasso Ciampa attacked Aleister Black. Dream said he wasn’t a snitch though.

Victor Orchant vs. Lars Sullivan

F’n finally!

One thing I love about Lars at the Full Sail arena is that someone in the crowd always screams bloody murder during Lars’ entrance. Either that or they incorporated these screams in his entrance song. Whatever it is, it adds a lot to the entrance.

If you’ve never heard of Victor Orchant, you wouldn’t be alone. Knowing that he isn’t well known means Lars Sullivan will eat Orchant for dinner. Which he did. Lars now has “LARS” written across his ass.

Victor Orchant has “Walker” on his ass. Which isn’t explained.

EC3 jumps Lars from behind during the match and the crowd erupts in “NX3” chants. EC3 ended up getting the better of Lars Sullivan. This feud is gonna be fun. By the way, Lars has a yellow tongue. Prolly should get that looked at Lars.

William Regal is walking backstage and Nikki Cross comes out of Regal’s office. Nikki said “I need to play with Bianca again.” Nikki said “I Know!” and repeated it over and over. Regal looks disturbed.

The Mighty vs. Street Profits

This match is happening because The Mighty took the Street Profits chains one time.

The Mighty come out wearing said chains and holding up the Street Profit signature black solo cup. The Mighty have new coats and a new swagger. It’s good for them. A lot more confidence.

Street Profits come out serious as hell. No dancing, no show boating, no nothing. They walked straight to the ring, didn’t even wait for the bell to ring and Dawkins punched Thorne square in the jaw.

My daughter loves the Street Profits because they have the same gold shoes as she does. I love the Street Profits for, well yes the shoes, but also their energy, wrestling ability and overall appeal as a team. Dawkins is more of a bruiser and Montez is everything a Superstar should be. They get some shine in on The Mighty until Thorne and Miller are able to cut the ring off and work on Angelo Dawkins.

Dawkins makes a quick tag to Montez Ford without any theatrics and Ford comes in like a house on fire. Dude riles the crowd into a frenzy while fighting both Miller and Thorne. 2-on-1 is still a numbers game though and The Mighty was able to regain control of the match. Ford slipped in between the steps and ring post which Thorne dropkicked. Montez is fighting on one leg now.

The Mighty cut the ring in half and zero in on Ford’s left leg. Not only can Montez hype the crowd with a hot tag. He can also play the Ricky Morton so well that the crowd begs for him to tag. Angelo Dawkins is honestly just there as a body to tag. Montez Ford can wrestle all the important parts of the match himself.

Ford’s leg buckled and Shane Thorne capitalized with a figure four pin attempt. Miller held Dawkins leg and The Might was able to secure a victory. Very good tag match that showcased both teams very well. Angelo Dawkins was also there.

Vanessa Borne vs. Kairi Sane

Vanessa Borne still has the gimmick of Buckcherry music video dancer. Kairi still has the gimmick of pirate princess and yacht enthusiast. The crowd still has the gimmick of not singing the “yo ho” part of Kairi’s song which is thoroughly disappointing.

The bell rings and Vanessa goes to Kairi’s corner, puts the pirate hat on and then takes it of and stomps on it. Kairi looks at the hat and slowly raises her gaze at Borne. Kairi is now all business, well all pirate business. Sane still pantomimes using a spyglass to focus in on her attack of Borne.

As Vanessa puts a cravat on Kairi, I can’t help but notice that Borne’s gear is snake skin. The crowd is firmly behind Sane who gets them on their feet with a beautiful DDT delivery to Vanessa.

Kairi hits her moves of doom and makes quick work of Vanessa. Sending Borne back to the mid-00’s buttrock scene.

Shayna Baszler makes her entrance looking like an actual rock and roller. The badass kind that will break all of your limbs while her bad ass entrance song plays. You know the type I’m sure. Baszler is invoking her rematch clause. Shayna promises to drown Kairi, drop anchor on the NXT Woman’s championship reign and take back the championship. Kairi says the match will happen. At Evolution!!

Before the main event we get this little build to a feud. Kona Reeves reminds me of a character in Surf Ninja’s. Keith Lee’s chinstrap is so perfect it looks fake. I can’t stop looking at it.

Otis Dozovic vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Dozovic is very well received by the NXT faithful. This is a mid card tag team wrestler getting a match against the NXT champion. It feels special. It feels different. It feels fresh.

Ciampa has a snake skin coat. Some snake skin fashion designer is making a lot of money from the NXT roster.

Otis manhandles Ciampa in the first few minutes of the match. Showcasing his strength and fun as an in ring competitor. Ciampa tries to sneak to the outside to gain an advantage on Dozovic, but Otis over powers Tommaso. Otis throws Ciampa to the outside and then does his version of the worm. Otis’ is known as the caterpillar because his tag team Heavy Machinery and puns kick ass.

Ciampa finally gains the upperhand when he slams Otis’ head on the metal ramp after slithering out of a powerslam attempt. Ciampa tells the ref to start the count but then runs back outside the ring to attack Otis.

Tommaso realizes that this might be his only chance to dole out the punishment so Ciampa is relentless. The problem with Tommaso’s plan is that brains can’t always overcome brawn. When Ciampa puts a sleeper on Otis, Dozovic just drops backwards and regains the control in the match.

Ciampa kicks out of a nearfall and then takes his title and walks away. At the top of the ramp Tucker Knight, Otis’ tag team partner cuts off Ciampa and sends Tommaso back into the waiting arms of Otis Dozovic. Dozovic smells victory and stays on the attack.

Otis keeps trying to pin Tommaso after big moves and Ciampa won’t quit. Tommaso hides behind the referee and pulls out an eye poke from his heel repertoire. The crowd is chanting “Otis” because these wrestlers have told quite a story and made us care about the finish.

Ciampa is able to hit a draping DDT on the edge of the apron basically knocking Otis out. Dozovic won’t die and fights to get back in the ring only to get caught with another draping DDT for the loss. Ciampa gets the win, very cleanly. Proving his worth as the main man on the brand. This was a jam packed episode that could have been paced a bit better in the beginning but definitely delivered on the matches.

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