MLW Fusion Recap Episode 23: PCO vs. Brody King, Hart Foundation vs. Stud Stable

Last week on MLW Fusion: WAR GAMES!!! That was the only match on the show and it f’n delivered. Very fun, very violent and set up storylines for the future. Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan came to blows after there teams loss. Shane Strickland didn’t even make it into the dang match because of an attack by Callihan during Strickland’s entrance.

Cold Open

The show opens with The Lucha Bros celebrating in the ring with Konnan. They were in South Florida and the crowd is loving these three. Konnan was cutting a promo on how he doesn’t like that Salina De La Renta took advantage of fellow Latino wrestlers. Salina’s theme song hits for the first time and it’s a fast paced EDM song reminiscent of Alexa Bliss. It’s memorable.

Salina says that the Lucha Bros did not rip up contracts. She let them go on early release because she is a good promoter. Salina said she talked to “Hunter” all week. The contracts include English language classes. She is saying that the contract is for them to leave MLW and go to Stanford. Basically offering them WWE contracts. The Lucha Bros said something in Spanish and ripped up the contracts in front of her. Crowd popped huge and Konnan didn’t let the crowd chant, he spoke over them and it kind of ruined the moment.

Hurricane Six Man Tag Team Match

Studd Stable (Dirty Blondes and Parrow) vs. The Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.)

Pillman’s gear is the Zack Ryder memorial gear of one pant leg and one short pant leg as Hart Foundation come out to the ring the crowd is chanting “Teddy, Teddy”. Black and Pink streamers thrown into the ring. That is a nice touch. A Hurricane match is basically a tornado match. All men allowed in the ring.

The match starts when Teddy and Davey jumped The Dirty Blondes. Parrow was standing on the apron like a normal tag match and then Brian ran to the outside and took Parrow out.

Now Parrow is in the ring and handily takes care of Brian Pillman Jr. We are three minutes in and this match is already chaotic. Teddy Hart is flipping and flying. The Hart Foundation hit a triple team move that took forever to set up and had Pillman Jr. on the top rope for more than a minute. As members of the Hart Foundation sit on the apron and wait for a tag the commentary team says all six men are legal at all times. I don’t think the wrestlers even know the rules. The spots are all very contrived and the wrestlers are following rules that the commentary team says doesn’t exist.

This honestly feels like a training match and ends rather abruptly. Nothing you’d want to show someone if you wanted them to become a fan of MLW.

After the match Col. Robert Parker fires Parrow from the Studd Stable and The Dirty Blondes beat the crap out of Parrow.

War Games recap video is shown highlighting the brutality of the match beyond. The video transitions to Jimmy Havoc calling out Sami Callihan and telling Sami that Jimmy wasn’t the one who lost the match. One of Sami’s boys did. Jimmy says he is looking forward to hurting Sami. That should be an exciting match based on what I saw from them on the Impact Twitch channel.

MJF and Aria have a promo backstage and MJF says he doesn’t get why women can vote and Aria says she could leave him laying just like she did Joey Janela. MJF says he is on the Keto diet.

MJF and Aria Blake vs. Joey Ryan and Taya Valkyrie 

MJF may have some of the worst theme music I’ve heard in a while. Some weird bassy synth that sounds like computer farts.

Tony tells us that MJF is teach Aria how to be classy. Joey Ryan is making his first appearance since losing the Middleweight championship match to MJF. This is Taya’s first apperance on MLW.

Joey and Taya have matching furry boots and the crowd is firmly behind them. Joey has a lollipop in his mouth. Now that I think about it, he wrestles a good number of times per week and always has a lolly. I hope he sees his dentist regularly.

Joey puts his used lollipop in some dudes mouth and the crowd chants “you sick fuck” as Rich says “its a judge free zone”. Now we get a Joey Ryan oiling session. Everyone knows the Joey Ryan rules before the match starts.

MJF says he wants to clarify that he won’t touch Joey’s penis. The crowd chants “touch it”. Joey says “if you won’t touch it, maybe she will touch it” motioning to Aria Blake. Aria tags in as the crowd chants “yes she will”.

MJF gets tagged in and the crowd chants a “you will touch it” chant. MJF goes for an atomic drop on Joey Ryan but one of Joey’s heads is Samoan and we all know what happens when you bang on a Samoan head in wrestling.

MJF calls Taya mommy and says he will not hit a woman so Taya goes HAM on MJF. Taya impresses the crowd and impresses Tony Schiavone as well.

MJF tells Taya to touch his penis and that enrages Taya enough that the ref has to intervene. That lets MJF and Blake choke Joey a bit. Taya and Aria both get tagged at the same time and I need to give the ladies props. They were holding the tag ropes the whole time.

Taya is just outwrestling Aria at every turn. Poor Blake is trying but Taya is just too much. After the ladies get their spots in. Joey and MJF tag in. Joey pulls a lollipop out of his crotch and puts it in MJF’s mouth. Joey goes for a superkick but MJF pulled Taya into the way of the kick. Joey was checking on Taya when Aria broke her arm trying to low blow Joey, because his dick is indestructible. That gave MJF the ability to hit a roll up on Joey for the victory.

MJF had a different theme song when he left. MJF said he took the sleaze out of pro wrestling and then shit on the name of Joey Janela. Janela came out and attacked MJF. At All In after Janela lost to Hangman Page, Joey Ryan came out. Now after Ryan lost, Janela came out.

Sami has a selfie promo talking directly to Jimmy Havoc. Sami says they were supposed to win together but Jimmy had to lose the match. Sami says Jimmy is the reason they lost the match. Callihan says Jimmy is a garbage wrestler and he will accept the challenge of Havoc.

PCO vs. Brody King

PCO gets some streamers for his entrance. Brody King’s entrance kinda scares me. Dude just comes out with a ski mask on, tatted up, screaming music and all at a furious pace.

King dropkicks PCO right as the bell rings and the French-Canadian Frankentein falls down in the corner and gets the crap kicked out of him quickly. Brody goes on the outside for reasons unknown and PCO follows with a dive to the outside. The concrete. Now a chop battle ensues and he pace has yet to slow down.

After a nearfall from a PCO powerbomb, PCO complained to the referee and that gave King the opportunity to clothesline the hell out of PCO. We are back to a strike battle in this frantic match.

As the crowd chants “he’s not human” this happens

The crowd might be wrong here because PCO is barely moving. Brody King goes for a cannon ball but PCO rolled out of the way. Both men fight to their feet and engage into another strike battle. Brody takes his fingers and tries to gouge out PCO’s right eye. The ref calls for the bell after Brody and PCO won’t stop pulling at each other’s eyes. Security runs to the ring and along with the refs they pull Brody off of PCO. The show goes off the air with Brody getting taken out along with security by a PCO moonsault.


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