Total Bellas: The Bella Comeback

Total Bellas has brought tons of heartache this season for Nikki Bella and John Cena. Things between the two were tense the last time that the pair saw each other at RAW 25, right after the two had decided to call things off. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone though, even for a Bella, and with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble coming up, the Bella’s need to throw all their focus on other things besides heartbreak or at least do their best to try to.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Episode four starts off with Nikki and Bri getting excited about their training for the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. While both are excited, Nikki seems nervous on the car ride. Nikki is staying at her and John’s house while she is in town for the Royal Rumble, though throughout the episode it is unclear with John is staying, just that it is not there with Nikki. When Bri and Nikki pull up to the house, Nikki realizes that she forgot her keys. Nikki ends up calling Rob, John’s friend, to let her into the place. As soon as Nikki walks in, the pain is written clearly all over her face. This is the house where John and Nikki were planning to spend the rest of their lives together, the place that they were making their forever home, and all of that comes flooding back to her at once. Seeing these memories of what her life was like when her and John were in this house together makes her sad. Nikki also says, as she is walking through the house, that it feels weird not having John there with her.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

With the business of her living arrangements behind her, Nikki moves forward with life and work, starting with her training with Bri for the Rumble. Bri’s husband Bryan is training the women and it is clear from the beginning that this might be a bigger challenge than any of them were expecting. Since it has been so long since the Bella Twins were back in the ring together, they need to learn how to get used to each other in the ring again. Like re-learning how to ride a bike after not having been on one for quite some time, the Bella’s take their bumps and bruises to get back into prime wrestling shape. They continue to keep pushing but both women complain that it seems like their timing and chemistry together is just off, making them even more frustrated in the ring and with each other. Bri even goes so far as to say that in her opinion, Bri mode is just off right now.

3,2,1… Let’s Rumble!

The night of the Royal Rumble has both Bellas all over the place. John is there, and Nikki is struggling. Nikki is in her head about John and not focused on preparing herself for the Rumble ahead. She admits this to herself, saying once again, like she had said at RAW 25 that it is hard seeing him and being in the same place as him. It is not only Nikki who is in her head at the event this time though, Bri herself is feeling very nervous. She continues to struggle with body issues, believing that she is not as fit and not as good as the other women on the roster. As the episode draws to a close, viewers see both Nikki and Bri put their own personal issues behind them and do what they do best, work hard in the ring, kick ass, and take names.

Dinner for Two?

The episode ends with all the women from the Royal Rumble celebrating this huge milestone together. The next day Bri decides to do a photoshoot for BirdieBee showing her stomach and embracing her stretch marks from when she had Biride. Everything seems to be going in such a positive direction, which makes it even more surprising for viewers when they see the clip of what is to come in the next episode of Total Bellas. While babysitting Bridie for Bri and Bryan, Nikki gets a request from John asking her to join him for dinner. Viewers and fans are left not knowing what John could possibly want to talk to Nikki about, after everything that they have been through since the beginning of the season. Does he want to get back together? Has he changed his mind of having children? Can he accept the fact that more than anything right now Nikki wants to be a Mom? It seems as if John has come back to discuss something with Nikki but the most important question to them both it seems is can Nikki buy what John is about to sell her, and what does it mean for their future that right now, seems to be one big question mark.

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