Hurricane Pro 7/28/18 Results and Review

On a warm Saturday night in Beaumont, Texas I witnessed in my opinion a changing of the guard of Hurricane Pro with one of the most shocking upsets I had seen in a long time, a crowning of a new day and a welcome change to the tag title scene. This was the first in a hopefully great series of shows of the back half of the Hurricane Pro schedule for the rest of the year. It was in front of a packed house of well over 200 people to see a great night of action.

Richard Cranium makes a huge announcement for the tag team title scene:

In what has been noticeable since I had come back after a hiatus from Hurricane Pro after twice appearing the tag team champions of Hurricane Pro, Southern Justice just stopped appearing and we saw tag teams left and right try to come and stake their claim for number one contender but until tonight no one truly stood out. In a major announcement the GM and CEO of Hurricane Pro announced that Southern Justice due to problems caused them not to appear and have vacated the titles! He also announces it will be a triple threat match for the titles decided tonight!

Match #1: Christian Blake vs Ashton Jacobs

Comments: This was a very solid match with Jacobs who is very popular with the fans even though everyone chants Barbie at him because of his lookalikes with the Barbie doll, which if you ever see him he looks nothing like haha. Christian Blake has appeared on the show before and is fun to watch and the chemistry between these two worked to make this a tone setting match for the rest of the card.

Winner: Ashton Jacobs

Match #2: Make Your Own Path vs Dark Alliance vs Edgrin Stone and Kojak for the Hurricane Pro Tag Team Champions

Comments: This was a very wild match, with Stone and Kojak asserting their power over the other two teams who are much smaller. For competing against each other so vigorously the previous months they had to team together to take them out of the match by the end with a series of dives to the outside with the end Make Your Own Path takes out the Dark Alliance and wins the tag team championships. These three teams worked together well in a sometimes to wild for its own good match but still really good.

Winner: Make Your Own Path

Match #3: Vordell Walker vs Danny Ramons

Comments: WOW! What a match this was it started with comedy with Ramons trying to get Vordell to dance and doing some very suggestive moves to the delight of the crowd. By the end though the place was rocking with the match, just was so hard hitting and making you root for both men who are veterans of Hurricane Pro. Ramons being the former Hurricane Pro Heavyweight champion, Vordell being a veteran of not just my hometown promotion but all over the United States. It ends with Walker hitting a piledriver for the win! If you ever get a chance to see these two in person especially against each other you must do so they put on a great showing every time.

Winner: Vordell Walker

Match #4: Jared Wayne (c) vs Don Rodrigo for the HPW Cruiserweight Championship

Comments: Wow! What an upset this was with Rodrigo looking like Zorro, while Wayne the reigning cruiserweight champion walked in with his normal swagger. I am still in shock when Rodrigo pinned Wayne to win the CW title in a huge upset over a multiple time champion and one of the most decorated members of the roster.

Winner: Don Rodrigo

Match #5: Masada vs Jace Boelyn

Comments: Poor Boelyn got fed to the wolves, this was just pure domination with chants of You’re gonna die directed at Boelyn as Masada puts in one of the most dominating performances at Hurricane Pro I have ever seen. Masada won with a moonsault to put the exclamation point, while possibly staking his claim to a shot at the Heavyweight title he lost to Tempo.

Winner: Masada

Match #6: Brock Baker vs Ryan Davidson

Comments: Well.. this was a comedy match with lots of stalling. It definitely made Davidson look like a star. The highlight of this match was Davidson at the beginning of the match taking Baker’s nose.

Winner: Ryan Davidson

Post-Match: Davidson challenged whoever the winner of the main event is so he can get his chance at the HPW Heavyweight title.

Match #7: Terrale Tempo (C) vs Jordan Jensen for the HPW Heavyweight title

Comments: This was a very good match with both of them so evenly matched going toe to toe to see who the real champion was. The crowd couldn’t decide who to root for. Amazingly in one breath they chanted for both Tempo and Jensen and it was a feeling only a live crowd can deliver. This match succeeded in making Jensen look like a star who finally ascended to his throne and captured the HPW Heavyweight championship.

Winner: Jordan Jensen

Final Thoughts: What a awesome show, it was long with the show starting late but man the action made it worth it. If you ever get a chance to see HPW get out and check it out every month. Their next show is in two weeks on Saturday, August 18th. Jordan Jensen vs Ricky Starks is headlining the show for the HPW Heavyweight title.

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