The Rock On His Match Against The Hurricane

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once went against The Hurricane in a no disqualifications match on a WWE Monday Night Raw episode from 10 March, 2003. The Hurricane surprisingly came up as the winner of that bout, and the match is remembered to be the best part of The Hurricane’s WWE career.

The Hurricane, or Hurricane Helms, recently posted the following photo on his Instagram account where he thanked The Rock for the backstage segments they did together. “Forever grateful to @TheRock for being such a cool ass dude to work with. We had a blast doing these backstage segments. The only difficult part was to not go too long. We coulda kept the shenanigans up for hours.”

The Rock replied back to the Hurricane and revealed why he lost. “Dude always a pleasure working with you. Never an ego and always down to do whatever it took to entertain the fans. And to be honest, I only did “the job and put you over” because you paid me in hamburgers.”