Why Bobby Lashley Needs To Face Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley’s return to WWE has certainly been underwhelming. While his return was anticipated, as of yet nothing has seemingly gone right for Lashley. However that is not at his own fault, as he was booked into a poorly worked feud with Sami Zayn.

But there maybe a silver lining to all this. In the past few weeks, Lashley is seemingly on a collision course with Roman Reigns. While a feud with Reigns may not be highly sought after, one has to think about the bigger picture.

By the picture, that would be referring to a potential match with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

A legitimate challenger for Lesnar

Once upon a time, specifically 11 years ago, Bobby Lashley was Vince McMahon’s next top superstar. Cast your mind back to Wrestlemania 23, where he was in the “Battle of the billionaires” match. Furthermore he also feuded with McMahon himself for a portion of 2007.

It was obvious that the company were dead set on having Lashley are one of the top superstars. Until he departed WWE in February 2008, and did not return for ten years.

During his time away from WWE, he worked in Impact Wrestling and at one point held every championship available. There is no doubt that Lashley was able to make the most of his run in Impact and finally fulfilled his potential.

With very few people ever questioning his ability in the ring, now is the right time to have him face Brock Lesnar as soon as possible. This is because he is the most legitimate challenger for Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship for quite some time.

Both Lashley and Lesnar have endured similar career paths and have never faced before. Thus this would be something new but also something that fans probably would have wanted for some time.

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