Michael Elgin Shares Story With Kevin Owens About Urinating On A Female Wrestling Fan

Aaron Frobel, better known to wrestling fans as Michael Elgin, has been in the news recently, after an alleged victim accused his former student, Sean Orleans, of sexual assault.  The victim also accused Frobel of protecting the alleged perpetrator, although it’s important to note that Frobel maintains that the situation was misconstrued and denies any wrongdoing.

Earlier this month, former co-founder Adam Lash was ousted from his role in the company after trying to prevent Frobel from appearing on his platform’s stream during an IWA Mid-South show.

Frobel is currently pursuing legal action against the alleged victim, claiming she defamed him.  His attorney released an official statement to

Frobel, who recently re-signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, appeared on the Kevin Steen Show several years ago (believed to be approximately 2013).  Steen, better known to WWE fans as Kevin Owens, hosted an ongoing series on shortly before joining the company.

The video can still be purchased via  The official description of the video is as follows:

“Anytime Kevin Steen talks the wrestling fans listen and always want more. Well, has listen to those fans that demand more and that is why we are giving you, The Kevin Steen Show.

We provide Kevin with a set and camera crew and the rest is up to him. Which could ended up being a legal nightmare for us but that’s what we signed up for I guess.

This debut episode is a perfect example of that. Kevin decided to have Michael Elgin on as his debut guest. Steen gets Elgin to talk about a wide variety topics from his conception in Mexico to his birth which ruined his moms chances to be in the movie “Over the Top” to wearing awful wrestling gear to golden showers. So yeah, Kevin is not your run of the mill interviewers.

Also, making maybe a one off appearance as Kevin’s co host is, Cheeseburger. Needless to say he is no Ed McMahon but he did challenge Elgin to an arm wrestling match. Any bets on who won?

This interview is unlike any other in the Interview Series and that’s what Kevin Steen wanted and has delivered.”

During Frobel’s appearance, he was prompted to tell a story regarding a horny fact.  You can read the transcript of the conversation below:

Kevin Steen: That is what Tom wants to know.  Since you seem to use Twitter to mostly retweet horny facts, that’s Twitter about sex I guess.  I don’t see any of these –

Aaron Frobel: I don’t mostly use it, but I do retweet things that stand out to me.

KS: Tom wants to know; do you have any horny facts of your own that you’d like to share.  Now I’ve been in a car with Mr. Elgin for several hours and heard lots of stories.  I will leave it up to him to tell or not tell.

AF: Is it story time then, like the horny facts?

KS: I don’t know, what’s a horny fact?  Maybe we don’t go into a full story here because quite frankly it’s appalling.

AF: We’ve brought up the story, so they have to be covered at some point now.  But, the horny facts are just little things about sexual acts with females.  And when I’m single, I like to retweet them so that any girls who may follow me might see that.  Maybe they’ll think of something they wanna do with me and then it works out.

KS: Alright, well, now you’ve talked about a story, so pick one of your filthy stories, tell it, and then we’ll move on to something else.

AF: Okay.

KS: You decide.

AF: We were…BSE was running a show –

KS: Oh fuck, why’d you’d have to pick that one?

AF: …in Timmins, Ontario.  

KS: I already know it.

AF: So, we had a long drive up to Timmins.  We started drinking in the van and there was a bet laid down that nobody could piss on a girl in the heat of passion.  And it was $100 laid down that nobody could.  So, we did the show and to just lay out, lay out the whole platform of this show, it was like the first time Timmins had seen wrestling since like 1987 –

KS: May I just mention, just for the record, that I first heard this as I was half asleep in the backseat of a car that was being driven by Mike, as he was telling it to other people.  And I was in and out for this story, ‘cause I was half asleep.  But every single detail of it that I caught, blew my fucking mind and appalled me more and more as the story went on.  Carry on.

AF: So, we go into town, and as I said, it’s a small town, they hadn’t seen wrestling for years.  We come in, the main bus station of the city, there’s a huge billboard of the show.  It’s a big deal, I think they had brought in Monty Brown and ‘Showtime’ Erin Young.

KS: What do you mean, you think?  

AF: I forget.

KS: He’s an integral part of the story –

AF: Okay, no, Monty Brown and ‘Showtime’ were, but what I’m saying is I think there might have been other people on the show.  Like, it was a big show for BSE.  It drew like 3,500 people the first time in the town, it was a really good draw.  So, after the show we went out to the bar.  Now, we get to the bar a little bit early because my match was on like the first couple matches.  We get to the bar a little bit early and this guy’s like “Oh, you guys were awesome, can you sign my t-shirt, sign our posters,” brings his wife over, has us sign his wife’s tits.  So as the night’s going on we’re getting drunker and I’m dancing with this girl and she turns around and starts making out with me.  Now I pull back to see the signature’s all over this girls’ tits.  So instantly I know that it’s the guy’s wife.  I say, “Where’s your husband?”  She replies, “He got kicked out for fighting about an hour ago.”  So instantly I think to myself, “Well, why don’t you come back to the hotel and party?”  She said, “I have my cousin and my friend with me.”  “So why don’t you bring’em with us.”  So, her, her cousin, and her friend are all walking back to the hotel.  It’s me and a couple other guys.  I have a roommate but he’s nowhere to be found right now.  So, the friend is the mother hen.  If you’re not familiar with a mother hen, it’s usually the bigger girl in the group who’s not getting any attention, and she’s trying to cock block everybody else in the group.  So, she’s now yelling at me, saying “You know she’s fuckin’ married, right,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  My friend now sees this, runs interference.  I go through the back of the hotel, get into the room, and as soon as we get into the room, and now it breaks down to myself, the guy’s wife and her cousin having a threesome.  This threesome is interrupted by my roommate, which is Tarantula Gomez.  

KS: Oh, I did not catch that detail the first time.

AF:  Yeah.  I say, “Which one would you like?”  He picks the cousin.  He takes the cousin onto the other bed.  We’re both going at it now, and I hear somebody kind of walk in.  And then I hear, “Hey guys, the party’s in this room.”  So, we’re doing our things on the bed –

KS: Because – Let me clarify.  You filthy animals hadn’t closed the door.

AF: My roommate hadn’t closed the door.

KS: Oh, okay.

AF: So, we’re now in there and I hear a gathering of people laughing behind me.  So, what do I do, I grab the girl and now face her towards the wall, which is now filled with Monty Brown, ‘Showtime’ Eric Young, my head trainer Rob Fuego and his wife –

KS: When you say that you grabbed the girl and you move her, I can only picture it as when you do the fuckin’ deadlift German to someone.

AF: Like, yes.  Very similar.  Very similar.

KS: Except you don’t drop backwards.

AF: So now, I’m fucking her in front of the group of people, and they start laughing, and somebody’s videotaping.  Another wrestler might be doing commentary on this recording –

KS: Cheeseburger’s loving it.

AF: …and Monty Brown is shaking the entire fucking time, ’cause he’s such a big man and he’s laughing so hard.  So, I think, why not make the hot tag to Monty Brown.

KO: Tell me he did the fucking pounce.

AF: I give’em the high five –

KS: Tell me he smelled the rope first.

AF: And he’s still laughing going, “No, I got a girlfriend, I can’t do it.”  He’s dying of laughter, “Get in here Monty, get in here.”  He’s dying, everybody’s dying.  They start –

KS: Monty Brown laughs uncontrollably at people having sex.  That should be a newspaper (unintelligible) –

AF: So now it’s me.  It’s broke down a little bit.  It’s myself, it’s Connor and the other girl, sorry Tarantula Gomez and the other girl.  And Felatio, Otis Idol and Cody Deaner.

KS: Felatio’s a wrestler, not the act of fellatio.

AF: He was a wrestler.  Phil, Phil –

KS: Yeah, I know, I know it, but the way you say it now mixed in with all your fuckin’ –

AF: Sorry.

KS: It just sounds like somebody’s blowing someone.

AF: They’re still recording it.  So, I finish having sex with the girl, and I see that Connor’s on the bed by himself.  “So, where’s the other girl?”  “I don’t know, she went to the bathroom.”  I now pick up the girl that I just had sex with and throw her over to Tarantula Gomez walk to the –

KS: A black hole slam, surely.

AF: Yes.  I walk over to the bathroom to where this girl is sitting by the toilet and I go, “Are you okay?”  She goes “Yes, we came…” –

KS: What do you mean, sitting by the toilet?

AF: Literally like, if this is the toilet, she’s fucking sitting on the ground kinda just like this (he makes a slouching pose).

KS: In front of it or between the wall or the bathtub and the toilet?

AF: Kind of like in front of it facing the door.  So, her back’s like, almost as if the toilet was a backrest.

KS: She could be leaning on it?’

AF: Yeah.  I say, “Is everything okay?”  She goes, “Everything’s okay, I just came here to be with you, didn’t know what was happening,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s like, “Well, we can still be together.  So, she starts performing fellatio –

KS: Fellatio, mmm hmm.

AF: …on me.  Now I see the light of the camera behind me.  So, I proceed to ask this girl if I can piss on her.  And at first, she’s saying no, but I’m being very persuasive and saying “Ahh, it’s going to be so good, just keep going and I’ll piss all over you,” blah, blah blah.  Finally, to where she gives me the okay to piss on her.

KS: Kevin Steen Show is not the classy affair I expected to be.

AF: So, as she’s saying yes, I begin to piss on her.  Her deflection of the piss is this (motions arms waving in front of his face) – but that ain’t stopping no stream of piss from hitting you in the face.

KS: Especially not from a Canadian crazy horse.

AF: So as now she’s realizing that I wasn’t fucking around when I asked her if I could piss on her and she said yes, I was actually gonna pee on her.  So, she’s going like this (more motions of arms waving in front of his face) and all I hear is “No!  No!  Stop pissing on me.”  They’re laughing, I’m laughing.  We have to go back to get my money now.  So, we go in –

KS: Of the bet.

AF: Yes.  The best that was laid down at the beginning.  Follow the story.

KS: Were you naked when you went to get your money?

AF: No, I put on underwear.  I was naked the rest of the time though.

KS: Oh fuck.

AF: Go back to the room, give me my hundred bucks, I peed on a girl, she said it was okay, it was in the heat of passion, he doesn’t believe me.  We try to fucking rig up the video camera from the (unintelligible), for some reason the video camera will not play it at that second.  “I’m telling you,” “No you guys are going to split the money,” blah, blah, blah.  Ten minutes later Otis and Conner run into the room laughing.  “What’s going on, what’s going on?”  Otis is like, “I’m drinking my beer, I’m telling the girl what to do to Tarantula Gomez and all I hear from the bathroom is “(Unintelligible), (unintelligible), Elgin fucking pissed on me.”  So, we wait a little bit, we get paid, we’re going back to the room, these girls are just leaving now and all they can say is see you guys in September.  Now, after pissing on the cousin, I look at the wife.  Connor, Tarantula Gomez, left a hickey this fuckin’ big on her neck (he motions a big size).  She’s going home to her husband and they still want to see us in September.  Like, that’s fucked up.

KS: Yes, it is fucked up.

AF: But I got paid $100 to pee on a girl in the heat of passion.

KS: Take that, horny facts.