WWE Survivor Series 2017 Live Results

– Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, Jerry Lawler, and Shawn Michaels are on the pre-show panel. They run down the card. You can tell Lawler still doesn’t watch Smackdown, as he looks like he doesn’t know anyone on the team.

– We get highlights of Smackdown invading Raw and the issues with New Day and The Shield.

– The panel breaks down The New Day vs. Shield, with HBK discussing how New Day has matured and have a chance against the Shield tonight. Rosenberg puts over New Day’s unity and how they have never turned on each other. HBK says he’s a Raw guy and has been for his whole WWE career, and that the battle between the brands is real. Lawler questions Corey Graves’ loyalty.

– The Miz will be in the social media lounge later tonight.

– We get move videos of the Smackdown invasion of Raw.

– Natalya tries to rally team Smackdown, but they want no part of it. The ladies are largely unified, rally up and all of that. They teased Tamina battling Nia Jax, that could be bad.

– We get a recap of Charlotte winning the title on Smackdown.

– Alexa Bliss arrives, and says she was preparing for Natalya, and not Charlotte. She says it isn’t fair, but will prove she’s the superior champion. HBK stands up for Alexa when Renee brings up the size issue. Charlotte joins us from backstage. Charlotte says Bliss won’t be running tonight, and doesn’t wear costumes; she doesn’t dress up like a superhero, she’s a Flair. She’s the grand slam women’s champion. Bliss says she knows Charlotte is a legacy, but will prove her superiority tonight. Charlotte asks where Bliss was when the revolution started, and Bliss says she has blown past all of them and will send Charlotte back to the stables.

– Elias buries Houston and sings a song, burying Texas until Matt Hardy interrupts.

Matt Hardy vs. Elias: They work basic back and forth, with matt grounding things. Matt hits a Russian leg sweep, and then an elbow off the second rope, and covers for 2. Post break, and Matt is still in control, hitting a fist drop and covering for 2. Elias battles back, stuns Matt off the ropes and works over Matt on the apron, targeting the arm. Elias grounds the action, and continues to focus on the arm. I feel bad for these two, there’s barely anyone in the building. Elias slams Matt arm first to the buckles, and covers for 2. Elias busts out a shoulder breaker, covering for 2. Matt hits a desperation side effect on the apron, back in the ring and Matt works over Elias with rights, slams him to the buckles and tries to fire up the dozens of people in the building. Matt hits a bulldog, and another side effect gets 2. Matt with boots, hits a second rope elbow drop, and that gets 2. Matt looks for a twist of fate, but Elias counters and posts the bad arm. Drift away connects and Matt is done. Elias defeated Matt Hardy

– They hype the card again.

– The Miz joins the social media lounge. Miz talks about his issues with baron Corbin. He’s done talking and will prove his superiority in the ring. Corbin made things personal, and he will unleash his hate on Corbin tonight. He says his goal is to make the IC title the most prestigious title in WWE. He puts pressure on himself, and has since day one, and that’s why he has outlasted so many that told him he didn’t belong. He’s always the main event, no matter what match he’s in. Whatever show he’s on is the number one show, and Raw will be superior over Smackdown tonight.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Kickoff Show Match: Champion Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: Enzo attacks at the bell, working over Klaisto in the corner. Kalisto battles back with kicks, teases salida del sol, but Enzo powders to the floor. Kalisto follows, chases Enzo and back in and scores with a sunset bomb for 2. Enzo stuns Kalisto off the ropes, and we take a break. Post break and Enzo hits a short armed clothesline, covering for 2. The side slam follows, and Enzo again, covers for 2. Enzo grounds the action with a side headlock, Enzo puts Kalisto into the tree of WHOA, hits a running forearm and covers for 2. Enzo now works a modified camel clutch, and then into a side headlock. Kalisto hits a stunner, but Enzo slams him down and cuts him off. Back to the tree of WHOA for Kalisto, Enzo misses the charge and Kalisto heads up top and hits a moonsault press, but can’t cover. Kalisto lays in kicks, hits the head scissors and hits the rolling DVD and kick. The spiked RANA follows and Kalisto is fired up. Enzo counters salida del sol and they brawl to the apron. Big rights follow by Enzo, but Kalisto counters soul food by Enzo slams Kalisto to metal part of the buckles. Soul food connects and Enzo retains. Champion Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto

– Sami and Kevin cut a promo, they didn’t come to WWE to complete with clowns like Breeze and Fandango. They are insulted, because they are the best on Smackdown. Owens says this is the building he won his IC & Universal titles. They should be making history, leading team Smackdown, but they aren’t because of Shane McMahon. They claim that Shane is running an unsafe work environment, which is why they escaped on Smackdown. It was not their fight or their problem. Breeze and Fandango arrive, and say that Sami and Kevin are harassing the WWE Universe. Breeze runs then down for unmanicured facial hair. Fandango calls Sami a paperboy, and says they will save Survivor Series from fashion offenders.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The Fashion Police (Tyler Breeze & Fandango): Fandango sends both to the floor right away and they issue tickets to Kevin and Sami. Post break, and the Fashion police are in control, working over Sami. Sami bails to the floor, Breeze chases and brings him back in. Owens distracts him allowing Sami to take him down and work mounted strikes. Owens tags in and lays the boots to Breeze. Owens and Sami work quick tags, isolating Breeze and keeping him grounded in their half of the ring. Breeze catches Sami with a boot, but Sami drags him back to his corer, and Owens tags in and hits the senton for 2. Owens works the chinlock. Breeze finally fights to his feet, gets tripped up but Breeze counters the senton with his knees. We get wholesale changes to Fandango and Sami. Fandango fires up with jabs, he takes out Owens and hits a missile dropkick on Sami. The tornado DDT gets 2. Breeze and Owens battle to the floor, Fandango up top but misses the leg drop as Owens saves Sami, Owens hits the pop up powerbomb for the win. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated The Fashion Police @ 8:28 via pin

– AJ cuts a promo on his match with Brock tonight. Jinder Mahal arrives, stands there, and says nothing; his best promo of the year.

– We get hype for Lesnar vs. Styles.

– The New Day vs. The Shield opens the show.


– New Day cuts a promo, saying that tonight, they will prove that they are the most dominant three-man faction in WWE history. They mock the Raw invasion of Smackdown, and say that they will go Bob Barker on their ass. They also note that the Shield will turn on each other on the road to Mania.

– video package.

The New Day vs. The Shield: Kofi and Ambrose begin. They lock up, work some basic back and forth until Ambrose drops Kofi with a slap. Woods tags in, as does Rollins. They do some back and forth until Rollins connects with a clothesline. Big E and Reigns tag in. They lock up, and look to go power for power. Reigns hits a shoulder block, but Big E hits one and takes him down. Reigns fires up and they talk trash, Reigns hits a Samoan drop, covering for 2. It breaks down, and the Shield clears the ring and isolates Woods. They beat him down in their corner and do the stampede of stomps on him. Reigns follows with a clothesline, and quick tags follow with Rollins and Ambrose working double teams, covering for 2. Woods tags in Kofi, he flies in and runs wild. The boom drop connects on Ambrose. Trouble in paradise misses, Ambrose teases dirty deeds but Big E tags in. New Day works the corner stampede, taking control and working quick tags. Ambrose battles back, but Woods cuts him off. Another stampede follows on Ambrose, and Woods hits a corner dropkick. Rollins and Reigns attack, and they brawl to the floor as Ambrose hits a dive. Big E hits the spear to the floor on Ambrose. Big E rolls in Ambrose, and covers for 2. He rips off his shirt, but Ambrose fires up with chops, but Big E cuts him off and tags in Woods. He grounds Ambrose, Ambrose battles for a tag, but Woods head buts him and stops that. They work up top now, but Ambrose sends Woods to the mat. Big E tags in, heads up top and Ambrose fights him off. Ambrose hits a missile dropkick and both men are down. Kofi in but Ambrose fights him off and tags in Rollins. The blockbuster follows and then sling blade connects for 2. Kofi tags in Woods, Reigns tags in and Rollins hits a buckle bomb. Reigns covers for 2. Reigns sets, but Woods avoids the superman punch and rolls him up for 2. Reigns then hits the superman punch after a series of counters. Reigns sets, but Woods counters the spear and Big E and Ambrose tag in. Rollins in and saves Ambrose from the midnight hour. Ripcord knee by Rollins, dirty deeds by Ambrose but woods makes the save. Woods drags over Kofi and tags him in, Superkick by Rollins and both men are down. Ambrose and Reigns take out Kofi and Big E, the Shield sets up Woods but Big E makes the save. Reigns gets tossed to the steps, Trouble in paradise to Rollins. Woods takes out Ambrose. New Day attacks reigns on the floor, Big E tags in, they triple team Ambrose and Kofi leaps in with a splash and Big E hits one as well on Ambrose. New Day looks for midnight hour, Big E grabs up Rollins and Ambrose and New Day hit the double midnight hour but Reigns spears Big E and makes the save. Everyone is down. Reigns tags in and all six get to their feet and it breaks down into a big brawl. Woods gets taken out, as does Big E. Reigns and Kofi work back and forth bit Reigns spears Kofi. The SUPER Shield bomb follows off the ropes and Kofi is dead. The Shield wins. The Shield defeated New Day.

Stephanie is backstage telling th girl team how impressed she was. They laid every single girl out. Last year, RAW won and she expects the same result. Are they going to get it? Steph addresses Asuka and tells Asuka that Becky Lynch wants to break her arm. Steph tells Sasha that tonight Steph wants her to bring the confidence and swagger. Steph tells Bayley no more hugs. She tells Nia to be dominate and ruthless tonight. she wants Nia to toss Carmella into the third row. She finally addresses Alicia Fox. She had her doubts. Now she doesn’t. She’s so proud. She has one last question; Are you read to lead this team to victory.

Match 2: Team Smackdown (Naomi, Tamina, Carmella, Becky Lynch, and Natalya vs Team RAW (Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, and Asuka)

Alicia and Becky Lynch to start. Becky high fives some of her team mates and I think it’s a tag. It’s not. Bell rings and Becky and alicia go at it. Alicia gets Becky in the corner and smashes her head into the post a couple of times. Ref breaks it up and Alicia hits some knees then a forearm. Alicia with another, sending Becky into the corner. She smacks her around a few times then screams that she is the captain. Becky kicks Alicia out of the corner. She checks the chest then hits a forearm in the corner. Becky sends Alicia down then dropkicks the leg. Kick to the gut. Whip to the corner. Becky gets tossed over the ropes but lands on the apron and chokes up ALicia. Leg drop and a cover for 1.2…..NO! Becky wants the Disarmer, but Alicia locks up on the ropes. Becky backs up. Alicia hits a right. Tag by Bayley. Exploder from Becky to ALicia, but Bayley rolls her up! 1..2…..3!!!

Becky Lynch has been eliminated!

Natalya is in to take over. She kicks Bayley in the gut then hit sa suplex. Right hand and some stomps to Bayley. Nattie with another snap suplex and a cover for 1…NO! Bayley gets sent to the corner. Nattie tags in Tamina and Tamina with a whip to the corner. Tamina misses a clothesline and Bayley hits some elbows. Shoulders into the mid section. She backs into her corner. Tag by Asuka. Asuka in with kicks! She beats down Tamina then tags in Alicia. Alicia with a kick. She sends Tamina into the corner and tags in Bayley again. Bayley with a right. Tamina fires back then sends Bayley into the corner .Tag to Nattie. Nattie with kicks over and over. Bayley hits a back elbow. Bayley knokcs down everyone on the S roster, and hangs up Naomi! Nattie tags in Carmella and they double stomp Bayley in the corner. Carmella tags Tamina back in. Kick from Bayley. She sends Tamina to the outside. Carmella with a Superkick! Tamina is up top! Superfly Splash. 1..2…3!!!

Bayley has been eliminated!

Nia is in. Tamina is there to stare her down. Nia knocks down Naomi. Tamina knocks down Asuka. They lock up and it’s a stalemate. Nia with a headbutt. Tamina hits one of her own. They then headbutt each other. Nia with shoulders in the corner. Nia yells for no reason then splshes Tamina in the corner. She tosses her down and hits a running cannonball into Tamina. Cover for 1..2….NO! Tamina is up. She goes to lift Nia, but can’t do it. Nia with a kick. She lifts Tamina. Tamina drops Nia. Nia knocks Lana off the apron and LOSES A SHOE!!! Superkick from Tamina. Another Superkick! Nia falls to the outside, but lands on her feet. Naomi in the ring, and she launches herself onto Nia! Tamina heads out. ANOTHER Superkick! Tamina up on the steps as ref hits 5. Tamina goes for a crossbody off the steps. Ref hits 9. Tamina rolls back in. Ref hits 10 and Nia is eliminated.

Nia Jax has been eliminated!

Alicia is in. Naomi ghets tagged. She goes for a quick rollup. Naomi sits Alicia on the corner and hits a step up Enziguri. Looked coo. Goes for a Split Legged Moonsault, but Fox moves and kicks Naomi in the face. Rope work and Naomi kicks the leg then ducks a clothesline, Alicia goes for a tilt a whirl, but Naomi reverses and rolls her up for 1..2..NO!!! Alicia rolls out, Naomi tries to cover, but the ref sends Alixia to the outside and Sasha is in to lock in the Bank Statement! Naomi taps!

Naomi has been eliminated!

Confirmed by commentary that

Alicia Fox has been eliminated!

Anyways, Carmella comes in and tries to eliminate Sasha, but she tags in Asuka and Asuka comes in with the booty attack. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Carmella drops behind Asuka and drops Asuka hard with a hair pull. She sends Asuka into the corner and attacks with boots, then rights. Carmella with a Bronco Buster. Carmella moonwalks then mocks Sasha. Ref holds Sasha back. Carmella smacks Asuka in the face, and this turns her own. Carmella with another one. Asuka shoves Carmella, lifts and hits a nkee. Kick to the face! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Carmella has been eliminated!

Natalya in. She gets kicked and sent into the corner .Tag to Sasha. They double team with a suplex. Cover for Sasha. 1..2..NO!! Natie smacks Sasha, so Sasha retaliates. Sasha with a kick to th chest, but gets hit hard with a discus punch! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sasha with a right. ANother. Another. ANother. She hits the ropes. Throat thrust. Again. Dropkick to Nattie. Sasha rushes the corner and hits double knees. She sends Nattie to the right, hits a right hand and drops the knees to nattie. She goes to cover, but Nattie rolls, and Sasha locks in The Bank Statement!!! Tamina breaks the submission just as Nattie is going to tap. Nattie, from behind, rolls up Sasha. 1…2….NO!!! Nattie sends Sasha into the turnbuckle HARD! Damn. Nattie with the Figure Four! Sasha reaches for Asuka. Sasha is almost there. Tamina flies in and shoves Asuka off of the apron, and Sasha taps.

Sasha Banks has been eliminated!

Asuka is ready or it. She heads in the ring. Nattie attacks, sending her into the corner. Asuka ights out, but Nattie hits some eights to the back of the haed. She sends ASuka into the corner and tags in Tamina. They double team Asuka. Suplex to Asuka. Asuka with rights. Tamina clubs the back and hits a body slam then covers for 1..2…NO! Asuka hits a right, but Tamina attacks the upperback. Tamina lifts Asuka then drops her with some dumb version of a body slam. Tamina goes to the top rope. She’s looking for the drop, but Asuka moves. Tamina eats mat. Asuka up. She rushes, hops up! ARM BAR!!! Tamina taps!!!

Tamina has been eliminated!

Nattie rsuhes in and attacks! She grabs the leg. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter, but Asuka reverses this into a knee bar!! Nattie breaks free. ASuka kicks the head. Nattie goes for the Discus, ut Nattie with a spinning heel kick. ASUKA LOCK!!!!!!!! Nattie taps!

Natalya has been eliminated!

Winners: Team RAW
Boring start, and the last two for the blue brand really didn’t make sense or lend any energy to the match.

Backstage, Steph gloats to Bryan, but Bryan says they’ve got Cena. Steph wonders how they got Cena. Steph wonders if it’s cuz they’re brother-in-law. Steph calls it nepotism. Bryan laughs. He brings up Steph’s husband, and Steph says no, that was The Game who did that. Bryan wonders if it was the same Game that Bryan beat at Mania. Bryan says for him, it was awesome, because he got to beat The Authority. Then says Team Blue will beat The Authority as well. Steph brings up Tuesday with great hyperbole and claims that this will happen tonight. Bryan says Shane will be twice as horrible, and that’s why Team Blue will win. Steph says Shane is not 100% and tells Bryan to get used to it, because when Shane is no longer able to be in charge, it will leave Bryan to be by hmself running the show.

Maryse is in the front row for the following match, which means she’ll likely get a smack in on Baron.

Match 3: The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Miz with a quick smack to Baron. Miz leaves the ring to talk to his goons. Miz back in. Baron rushes the corenr nd MIz slips out. Baron follows. He gives Miz a right, right in front of Maryse. Baron talks shit to Maryse. Miz attacks. He’s in the ring with Baron and sends him right back out with a clothesline. Miz rushes him on the outside and hits right then sends Baron into the barricade hard. He sends Baron back in the ring and hops on the apron. Baron with a boot to Miz. Baron goes to the outside. Baron sends Miz into the ring and follows. Baron with hard right hands to MIz in the corner. Baron sends Miz into the corner again then claps. Baron with a knee. He sends Miz to the ropes. Miz clips him at the knee. Baron rushes, but Miz holds the ropes and Corbin falls to the outside. He lands on his feet though! Miz slides out of the ring and eats a hard right hand! Corbin saunters over to Axel then yells at a fan. He sends MIz back in the ring. Corbin tries to get in and Bo clips the leg from behind all while Axel distracts. Miz attacks the leg some more in the ring then stomps it down a bit. Baron uses the ropes to stand. Miz drops the leg on his shoulder. He drags Corbin in the middle of the ring and tries for the Figure Four. Xorbin pushes him away. He lifts MIz, MIz lands on his feet, clips the leg again, and locks in the FIgure Four Leg Lock!!!

Baron grabs the ropes. Miz gets stopped by the ref, and Baron hits the Whatever it’s Called. Corbin with clothesline in the corner. Miz hits a boot. He hops on the top rope and dives into a chokeslam attempt. Miz with a go behind, rollup. 1..2…NO! Miz moves, Corbin to the outside, Attacks Axel. Bo in the ring. End of Days to Bo. Miz with the rollup. Corbin esdapes, goes for End of Days. Miz reverses and hits a DDT. Cover for 1..2…NO!! Miz with the IT Kicks!

Miz hits the ring. End of Days out of nowhere! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Renee in the ring. Baron tells everyone that he just shut our mouth.

Heyman is backstage immediately after a proposal commercial. Charley brings up Phenomenal and Heyman mocks her then says that the entire evening is phenomenal and then the bell rings. Then, AJ will realize that he’s in for a fight with a beast. Brock is going to rip AJ apart, and that’s when AJ will regret that he beat Jinder Mahal.

The Usos cut their explained metaphor and back and forth promo.

Match 4: Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Usos

Sheamus and Jimmy. Sheamus with a head lock takedown. They’re both back up. Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle. Another lockup and Sheamus. Whip and Jimmy stops it, then hits an uppercut. Tag from Jey and he comes in with a splash/elbwo. Stmps in the corner. Tagh to Jimmy and they pull the legs. Another tag and Sheamus hits a right. Tag to Cesaro. He hits a right hand. Whip to the ropes and it’s reversed. Arm drag by Jey. Cover for 1…NO! Tag from Jimmy and he hits a kidney shot. Tag again to Jey and they double team Cesaro, hiting a headbutt to the gut. Chop in the corner. Cesaro ain’t havin it. Uppercut. Again. Kick and a tag to Sheamus. Double clothesline. Sheamus gets wghipped. Tag and Sheamus gets kicked. Jey hits the ropes. They dive. Uppercut by Cesaro! Jimmy hits a dive on Cesaro, but Sheamus catches him and drops him then sends him into the ring. Sheamus hits the corner. He dives off the top with a clothesline. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Kickfrom Cesaro. Cesaro with a crossface hold.

Jimmy tries to turn into the hold. Cesaro holds the arm, tags in Sheamus, and they whip Jimmy into the corner. Double kick! Knee drop from Sheamus. Cravat from behind. Uso escapes. Jimmy sent into the corner. Sheamus with another rest hold. Jawbreaker and Sheamus hits a tag. Big Boot to Jey from Cesaro! Shoulder tackle from Sheamus. Uppercut from Cesrao. Sheamus covers for 1..2..NO!!! He sends Jimmy onto the apron, does the beatdown. Stops mid count and Jimmy escapes. Shemaus sends Jimmy back over but jimmy hits an uppercut. Jimmy up! Whisper in the Wind type shit. Both men down. Tag to Jey. Tag to Cesaro. Clothesline from Jey. Another. Kick to Cesaro. Uppercut. Cedaro up, Samoan Drop! Jey with the butt splash in the corner. Cesaro moves!!! UPPERCUT!!! Whip and Jey stops it. Cesaro rushes, and we get a back body drop INTO the corner! Butt splash agian and it connects. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Jey atacks Sheamus. Ref stops Sheamus. Superkick from Jimmy. Jey drops Sheamus. Cover as Jimmy sends Cesaro off the apron. 1..2…..NO! Jey heads to the top rope. Outside, Sheamus sends Jimmy into the barricade. Cesaro with an uppercut! He drags Jey in and lifts. Jey drops. Hits an uppercut. Cesaro’s motuhgaurd out. Sheamus distracts. Cesaro shoots the legs. He spins Jey a bit then locks in the Sharpshooter!!! Jimmy in to stop the hold, but Sheamus in to send Jimmy back out with a kick! Jey crawls towards the ropes. He gets it! Hold is broken! Cesaro chokes up Jey on the ropes. Sheamus with a sneak kick. Clothesline from Cesaro. Pin for 1..2…NO!! Tag to Sheamus. Shemaus with a White Noise hold and Cesaro on the top rope. Rollup from Jey! He knocks Cesaro off the top! Sheamus with a shoulder, but Sheamus hits the post! Jey up top! He kicks Cesaro off the apron, flies, and Shemaus cathes him! Tag. White Noise with an assist from Cesaro. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Jimmy to stop the pin!!! Both of The Bar in. They whip Jimmy right into the bottom rope. Jey up top on Cesaro’s sholders. Sheamus on the top rope. Jey fights both of them off. Jey grabs Sdheamus. SAMOAN DROP OFF OF CESARO’S SHOULDERS!!! Jimmy in to send Cesaro to the outside! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! Sick

Jey reaches the corner. Sheamus has the leg locked. He’s dragging Jey to the heel corner. Cesrao is crawling towards the corner! Sheamus is up. Enziguri from Jey. Tag to Jimmy! Sheamus doesn’tget his. Both men up. Superkick to Sheamus, but Cesaro eats the kicks!!! Jey with a Superkick! Shemaus with a Superkick!

Both guys with a superkick!!! Tag and a splash! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winners: The Usos

Jason Jordan is backstage with Charley. She says it must be hard for him to watch tonight. Jordan feels terrible that he may never be able to get in the ring and fight with his dad. Like he told Kurt on Monday, he’d be 100% if they needed him and he is. He is behind his teammate. Does this include Triple H? Jordan wants to be more specific. He hopes Triple H gets eliminated then RAW gets the win.

WWE is terrible. That’s all you missed.

Next up is champion vs. champion, women’s edition. Charlotte Flair is out first followed by the Queen of Being Really Hot, Alexa Bliss.

They take their time to lock up, and once they do Charloote immediately gets the best of Alexa and dumps her to the outside. Alexa fears Charlotte and doesn’t consider getting back in the ring until the ref counts. Charlotte keeps charging to keep Alexa on the outside.

And thus concudes Michael Ornelas superior commentary and humor.

Now then….

Match 5: Charlotte vs Alexa Bliss

Alexa and Charlotte are outside of the ring. Alexa sends Charlotte back in th ring. She covers. 1..2..NO! Alexa with a kick. Sliding dropkick sends Charlotte to the outside. Kick from Alexa. She sends Charlotte back in and covers fo 1..2….NO! Alexa with a kick. She works in a modified abdominal stretch. Alexa with a cover off a move that I missed. Kicks to Charlotte then she sends Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte sends an elbow to the mouth then rolsl up for a cover. Alexa kicks her out and sends her mouth first into the corner. Alexa covers for 1..2.NO! Alexa pulls the hair of Charlotte then kicks the ribs. Alexa up to the 2nd rope. She spins for a DDT, but Charlotte blocks it and hits a suplex INTO the corner. Charlotte is on the 2nd rope. Alexa pulls but charlotte kicks. Charlotte on the top rope. She maybe wants the moonsault, but Alexa clips the legs and we get a Tree of Woe. Dropkick to the ribs!!!! Charlotte fumbles off. Alexa looks for Twisted Bliss, but Charlotte moves, so she dorps off with knees, flips backwards with some more knees. Covers for 1..2…NO!!!

Charlotte gets rolled up for 1..2..NO! Alexa up. She kicks the side. Hops over and hits a flip into a pin for 1`..2…NO!!! Alexa goes for another DDT, but Charlotte holds the ropes. Charlotte with a chop. Another chop. A third. Again. Again, but Alexa hops up and lokcs up on Charlotte like a koala! Alexa with some rights. She locks in the guillotine! Charlotte is able to stand after some presssure. She gets Alexa on her shoulders. POWERBOMB! Pin for 1..2…..NO!!!! Charlotte looks for the Figure Eight, but Alexa hits a right hand straight to the nose! NATURAL SELECTION! Pin for 1..2….NO!!! Charlotte with a Moonsault! Bliss moves!!! Pin from Alexa! 1..2….NO!!! Charlotte is upset. Alexa shows fear. DDT out of nowhere! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Charlotte gets the foot on the ropes! Alexa throws a tantrum. BLiss yells at Charlotte to give up. She bends Charlotte back. Charlotte shoots her arm up and shuts Alexa up. Charlotte sends her to the ropes. SPEAR! Bliss is up. Kicks in the corner, straight to the ribs. Alexa with a stomp to the back. Alexa climbs to the top rope. Twisted Bliss, but Charlotte has the knees up!!! Big Boot from Charlotte.

She grabs the leg. FIGURE EIGHT. Alexa taps! Charlotte wins

Winner: Charlotte

Charlotte tries to give Alexa props. Alexa cowers in the corner.

Jinder gets a square promo that says he want the title.

Match 6: AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar

Lesnar starts immediately with a huge fucking kick to the gut. He hits knees in the corner over and oer. Brock tosses AJ like nothing! Brock backs AJ in the corner then tosses him back in the middle of the ring. Brock corners him then attacks some more. He puts his boot on Styles face and just pushes. Brock with stomps in the corner. He grabs AJ’s hair and drags nim into the corner, then lifts him up like nothing. Kneees in the corner over and over. Brock hugs. Overhead Belly to belly to AJ Styles! Brock chokes AJ up in the corner with a boot to the neck. Brock locks up from behind. GERMAN SUPLEX. Brock tosses AJ out of the ring. Brock leaves the ring. He sends AJ directly into the table. Brock sends AJ back in the ring. AJ crawls towards the ropes. He pulls himself up. Lock up from behind, and another German! Brock sets up AJ in the corner. Running knee right to the face!

AJ goes for a right, but Brock ducks and pushes. Brcok is mocking AJ. Brock catches a kick and hits a right hand, knocking him down. AJ fights back!! Right hand! chops in the corner. ONE knee and AJ is down. Brock gets him up on the shoulders. AJ piushes off. Brock goes for a knee. AJ moves! Brock goes knee first in the corner. Kick to the knee! DDT to Brock! Brock is down! Aj with kicks to the legs, right behind the knee! AJ chops Brock down to one knee. He hits the head with a right. Brock pushes. AJ locks the ropes. High kick to the face. Springboard moonsault into Brock, but he catches him! AJ bounces off and looks for a tornado DDT but Brock just tosses AJ. AJ with an over the head kick to the back of the neck! Styles on the apron. He calls for the forearm. Springboard, but Brock catches him! GERMAN!!!! AJ up. Brock up. Brock with a right but AJ drops him over the head and Brock hits the apron! Aj turns. He wanted to springboard, but had no energy. No, he does it anyway! FOREARM!!! AJ shoves Brock into the steps knee first!!! Another forearm off of the steps!!! Back in the ring and Brock hits a right. Enziguri from AJ. Brock is down! AJ hits the ropes. Moonsault off the middle rope!!! On the apron. AJ with a springboard 450 splash and he hits it!!!! Cover for 1..2……NO!!! AJ up first. He locks the head. He wants the Clash, but Brock is up! He wants F-5! AJ reverses. CALF CRUSHER!!!!!!! Brock is screaming in agony! Brock grabs AJ’s head and slams it into the mat like a fucking basketball! Amazing!

Brock is up in the corner. He sets up for F-5. Aj hops off and lands on the apron. High kick! PHENOMENAL FOREARM!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Brock kicked out!!!!

AJ heads to the apron yet again. He removes the elbow pad. He springboards. RIGHT ONTO THE SHOULDERS!! Cover for 1….2…..3!!!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Looks like John Cena is his own brand.

Match 7: Team RAW (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Triple H) vs Team Smackdown (Shane McMahon, John Cena, Bobby Roode, Randy Orton, and Shinsuke Nakamura)

Braun turns his back for a second and Shane attacks! Braun turns and tosses Shane across the ring. Tag to Orton immediately. Samoa Joe is in with Orton. Joe with a shoulder tackle. Joe gives Orton some space. Side headlock from Orton. Rope work and Joe hits a tackle. Orton gets an uppercut in the corner. Whip to the corner by Orton. He nears an RKO but Joe pushes off. He goes for the clutch, and Orton escapes. Staredown. Balor tags himself in. Cole calls this a dream matchup. Shut up. Shinsuke wants a tag. Orton turns. Tag to Shinsuke.

Test of strength from these guys. Finn tries to clip the leg but Shinsuke moves. Shinsuke sends Finn to the ropes then rubs his head on his belly. So Finn gives the TOO SWEET to the forehead. haha. They go to a stalemate. Triple H wants in. Tag to H. Shinsuke is so fucking excited lol. CUMMAAAEEEEOOOONNNNN!!!!!

Triple H locks up and shoves him in the corner. Ref breaks it up. Triple H breaks the hold then Triple H hits rights nad breaks him down to the mat. Shinsuke turns him around and gets him in the corner. Knees to Triple H. Kick to the chest, and Triple H is down. I realize now HHH is easier to type. Kick to Shinsuke. Whip to the ropes is reversed. HHH with the facebuster. Shinsuke to the corner. Tag to Roode. He heads in to look in the mirror. Triple H shoves him. Roode shoves him back. They go face to face. Roode lifts his hands. GLLLLOOO—-nope. Triple H with a right hand to cut it off. Triple H lifts him and Roode hits some rights. Chops in the corner .Whip. Reversed. Hard clothesline to H. Cover for 1..NO! Chop from Roode. Again. Another. Whip. Spinebuster! Triple H with a Glorious SUCK IT. Push to the ropes. Roode with a spinebuster! ROODE shows Triple H how it’s done! Triple H backs Roode into the corner. Tag to Angle. Angle in! German! ANOTHER! A third! Angle scouts. He wants Angle Slam. Nope! Both men down after Roode escapes and they hit a double clothesline. Tag to Shinsuke. Right to HHH. Heel kick to Angle. Shinsuke sends Angle into the corner and lays him down. Running knee. Joe in. He rushes and Shinsuke side steps. Shinsuke kicks him and sends Joe to the outside. Shinsuke gets Finn next. Triple H in. Shinsuke with a kne eto HHH. angle tags in Braun. Knee from Shinsuke to Triple H. Braun is in! Shinsuke stares him down, ducks a right, hits a right hand. Braun sends him in the corner. Knee off the top rope to Braun and he still stands. Shinsuke rushes forward. POWERSLAM. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Shinsuke has been eliminated!

Roode in. He hits a blockbuster off the top rope and gets kicked out before ref can even get a 1. Braun lifts Roode up looking for another powerslam, but Roode hits boots to the face. Roode goes for another blockbuster, but Braun moves and Roode lands kind of sloppily. Powerslam to Braun.

Bobby Roode has been eliminated!

Joe tags himself in. Braun doesn’t like that. TRhey shove each other. Angle gets in to stop the fitht. Triple H then steps in to take over Angle’s duties, which ANgle does not like. They face off until Orton shoves Angle into HHH. Orton with a DDT to HHH He turns and hits Joe with powerslam. Cena hypes Orton up, cuz they’re best friends. Braun stares down Cena and Orton. He’s back in the ring, and he’s pissed. They attack Braun. Braun shoves both of the guys away. They attack again. Cena gets Braun up, but not all the way. Braun with an axe handle. Orton goes for RKO, but Braun blocks. Both men hit the ropes and both men send Braun to the outside. Braun with a KO Punch to Cena! He shoves Orton. Braun takes the table apart. He goes after Cena. Orton is up. He attacks the back. They double team Braun now. Orton and Cena double suplex but cvan’t do it. In come Shane, Shinsuke, and Roode. They help to suplex Braun onto the announce table.

Shane stares down Braun. The feed freezes. Shane gets to the top rope. I think he wants to dive. Joe is in the ring, though! He grabs Shane off and tosses him back into the ring! Joe waits. He goes for the clutch, but Shane drops and tags in Cena ! Cena with a dropkick! Joe with an inverted atomic drop. Joe hits a kick. Senton from Joe. Pin for 1..2..NO! Joe with a right to Cena. Cena in the coenr. Back elbow from Joe. Cena drops. Joe squares Cena up. Joe with the STO! Tag by Finn. He goes to the top rope. JOE tags himself back in and yells at Fin! He turns. AA by Joe! Balor dives. Cena lifts Finn. AA to Finn. AA to Joe for the 2nd time. Cover for 1…2….3!!

Samoa Joe has been eliminated!

Kurt Angle is in the ring. John Cena is in the ring. Cole reminds us of Cena’s debut. They get ready. Lockup. Angle with the go behind. Takedown. Angle with a side headlock. Into the ropes. Shoulder tackle by ANgle. Cena sits up. He back up a bit and smirks. Cena stands. Angle is ready. Lockup again. Angle with another go behind. Cena with a back elbow and a side headlock. Rope work and Cena hits a shoulder tackle this time. Angle and Cena with the back and forth. Angle drops Cena. Another. Angle with the Angle Slam! Cover for 1..2…NO!! Shane stops it! Finn off the top rope with the COUP DE GRACE!! Another Angle Slam! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

John Cena has been eliminated!

Orton in. Stomps to Angle. orton hits the ropes. orton rushes the ropes. Angle tags in Finn. High kick to the head of Orton. Finn sends Shane of the apron. Stomp to the chest. Finn heads to the outside and sends Shane into the barricade. Back in and Orton goes for RKO. Finn escapes. Kick. He heads to the top rope. He goes for the finish. RKO from Orton. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Finn Balor has been eliminated!

Triple H in. He beats Orton down in the corner. Orton with a backbreaker. Outside of the ring, Sami and Owens attack Shane McMahon! They grab Shane and send him into the announce table. Kevin shouts that “that should be us!” Shane grabs a chair. He smacks Sami around a few times then Owens!

Owens slides into the ring. RKO to Owens!

Owens and Sami head to the back. Braun is back on the apron. He tags Angle on his head. haha. Orton turns slowly. Braun rushes him with a clothesline. Powerslam to Orton. Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Randy Orton has been eliminated

Shane grabs a chair. he stares down Braun. The ref grabs the chair and takes it from him. Shane struggles to get on the apron. He finally does and paces. Shane finally gets in. Braun gets ready to attack. So close. Triple H then tags himself in. Braun stares down Triple H. Triple H says he’s got this. Braun backs up and gets on the apron. HHH stares Shane down. They circle the ring a bit. Angle then tags himself in!!! Angle says he wants Shane, this is his moment. Shane, from behind, rolls Angle up!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Side Russian Leg Sweep! Pin for 1..2..N!O!! Angle up. Rabbit punches in the corner! Whip to the ropes. Angle with a spinning elbow. Pin for 1..2..NO! Shane with another cover for 1..2..NO! ANgle ducks a move, twists. DDT! Pin for 1..2…NO! Kick to ANgle. Angle in the corner. Shane with a kick that looked pretty weak. ANgle Slam to Shane!!!! Angle rips the shirt! Ankle Lock! Shane won’t tap! He turns into the hold and ANgle turns along with him. Shane reaches. He gets to the rope! Shane won’t tap! Triple H looks frustrated.

He gets in the ring. Triple H kicks Angle. Pedigree! Triple H grabs Shane and covers Angle with him. Pin for 1..2…..3!!!

Kurt Angle has been eliminated!

Triple H stares Braun down. They lock eyes. Triple H looks over to Shane. He stares Braun down. Triple H backs up next to Shane. He stands next to the fallen Shane. Braun seems confused at this moment. Triple H lifts Shane. Shane is confused too. Pedigree to Shane. Cover. 1….2….3!!!!

Shane McMahon has been eliminated

Winners: Team RAW

Triple H smirks immediately after the pin. He is all smiles. He invites Braun in the ring. HHH holds Braun’s hand up. Braun stares at the man the entire time. He never leaves the stare. HHH gloats to the crowd then talks to Braun a bit. Braun shakes his head no. I don’t think Braun approves. HHH lifts the hand of Braun up again. Braun continues to stare. Triple H turns. Braun chokes HHH up. Braun yells at TRiple H with the choke that if he ever crosses him again, he will never play this game again! “DO YOU HEAR ME?!”

Braun walks away pissed. Triple H turns him around. Kick to Braun. He tries to Pedigree him. Braun lifts H. POWERSLAM!

And of course, Triple H stands after a finishing move from Braun Strowman.

So Braun hits another one.

End Show



results credit: 411Mania