NESN reported that Connor McGregor bought a new villa to spend holidays in Spain. A few weeks ago Connor McGregor was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief stemming from an incident after leaving a UFC event in Brooklyn, which resulted in McGregor throwing a hand trunk through a bus window injuring multiple people onboard.

Another MMA fighter Cian Cowley, 25, was also charged with one charge of assault and one charge of criminal mischief. The police arrested both fighters, and they appeared in the court.

Connor McGregor’s actions were recorded via mobile phone by Mike Bohn, where we can see that Connor is throwing objects at the Barclays bus. McGregor was released from the custody after paying $50,000 bail.

Conor McGregor is making his presence felt here in NYC. Felice Herrig just posted this clip of him on IG going a little wild.

— Mike Bohn (@MikeBohnMMA) April 5, 2018

Former UFC lightweight champion bought a villa worth $1.5 million for vacation in Spain.  The villa has LED driveway, indoor spa, home theatre, and GYM.  McGregor bagged $30 million from his fight with Floyd Mayweather, and we did not even factor in his previous payouts from UFC fights, and current endorsements.


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