Naomi: I Want To See The Women Continue To Prove Why We Deserve TV Time And Wages Equal To Men

Naomi wants to see her girls get paid what they deserve.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Naomi has seen and been through it all. From being a manager to a wrestler to taking her talents all over the globe to show that women wrestlers whether they are in WWE or a different company deserve to have the equal amount of rights that the men do in pro wrestling.

During an interview with Fault Magazine, Naomi was asked about what kind of changes she would like to see in the representation of women in wrestling.

She replied, “I think now is the best the business has ever been for a female wrestler thanks to women over the decades continuously breaking down barriers. I’ve seen a lot of growth and change in the industry since I started my career in 2009 with the way women are represented and treated in the business! Slowly but showly women wrestlers have and are continuing to prove that we are draws, deserve the tv time and wages equal to the men.”

Naomi made her return to the WWE after walking out in May 2022 alongside Sasha Banks (Now known as Mercedes Mone) before making her return this past year in the Royal Rumble.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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