Goldberg On Injuries: Unfortunately It Happens In Pro Wrestling Just Like The Moron I Kicked In The Head

Bill Goldberg comments on injuries in pro wrestling.

At Starrcade 1999, Bret Hart suffered a career-ending concussion after Bill Goldberg landed a brutal kick to the head during their match. Both Hart and Goldberg have commented on the incident for years and it is always a sensitive topic when the question is asked to them.

During an appearance on The Von Erich podcast, Goldberg spoke about how legends in today’s time are often forgotten about before referring to Hart as the moron that he kicked in the head.

“Hey dude, you saw how easily it was that people forgot about me and the fact that I go out there and absolutely smashed people and then leave? Now that the audacity to think that any of these morons could stand two seconds with me? It’s funny that people’s identities get wiped away quite quickly. The current generation and the next, they’re completely dependent on what people tell them and what they see on the internet. It’s a shame that these morons that didn’t feel the excitement or can understand the excitement when my music hit, when I blow smoke out of my nose, and nine times out of ten, you really had to question whether I was hurting the guy, and that’s the fine line that you have gotta walk. Granted, unfortunately, a couple times, Steiner, I’m not even gonna mention his name, but the moron I kicked in the head, but unfortunately, things like that happen. It’s a rough business. As long as there’s not malicious intent, I mean, hey bro, you’re in the wrong business if you bitch and moan about getting slapped or getting punched errantly. It’s just a different day and age, it just is,” Goldberg said.

Hart has called Goldberg the ‘most unprofessional wrestler’ of all time while Goldberg has said that he’s said sorry enough times to the legendary Hitman.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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