Lord Crewe Hopes For A Singles Match With AJPW Ace Kento Miyahara At Some Point In The Future

As Lord Crewe finished up his first tour of Japan as a competitor in the All Japan Pro-Wrestling Champion Carnival 2024 Tournament, he had stepped into the ring with top AJPW stars including Suwama, Triple Champion Yuma Anzai and Ryuki Honda. But there was one match that Crewe would have loved to have that unfortunately did not happen this time around.

Crewe was a recent guest on’s Triple Crown Puroresu Podcast and he was asked if there was a level of disappointment that he didn’t get to test his in ring skills against the ace of AJPW Kento Miyahara. It was confirmed by Crewe that there was in fact disappointment on his part as he would have loved to step into the ring with Miyahara.

There was a bit of a level of disappointment. There was several guys that were in the A block who I would have loved to have got to dance with a little bit whether it be in a singles or even a tag match. But Kento Miyahara is certainly one that I would love to at some point in time to be able to have a singles with because I think he’s kind of the litmus test, he’s the bar there. If you can go out there and prove yourself against him then you know there’s nothing else you really need to prove I feel like. If you can go out there and have a credible match with Kento, especially if you manage to
get your hand raised at the end of it, I feel like you’ve proven you belong at that point. There’s nobody that can really dispute that after that.

Lord Crewe

While Lord Crewe is currently back in the USA at the moment, many fans hope and even expect to see him back in Japan for AJPW for a second tour. A singles match with Miyahara could very well be in Crewe’s future and there is no doubt that he will be ready for the test against the ace of AJPW.

For the full Triple Crown Puroresu Podcast interview with Lord Crewe, click here.

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