Tay Melo Is Training For Her In-Ring Return

Tay Melo is preparing for her return to the wrestling ring. The AEW star has been out of action since March 2023. In May of that year, she and Sammy Guevara announced they were expecting their first child together. Recently, Melo took to Twitter to share an update on her progress.

Melo expressed her joy at being able to train in the ring again. She acknowledged the challenges she faces with her new post-pregnancy body, noting that she feels weak and has experienced frustration. Despite these struggles, Melo emphasized her determination to regain her strength, not just for herself, but for her daughter as well.

Reflecting on her journey, Melo admitted to moments of frustration and the difficulty of holding back tears, but she remains committed to her training. She highlighted the importance of patience and the gradual process of getting back to her previous fitness level, recognizing that her body served as her baby’s home for 40 weeks.

Before joining AEW, Melo wrestled in NXT under the name Tay Conti. After her divorce, she dropped the last name and later married Sammy Guevara, with whom she now shares a child. Her journey back to the ring is a testament to her resilience and dedication to her career and family.

The timeline for Melo’s in-ring return remains uncertain, but her commitment to overcoming her current challenges suggests that fans may see her back in action sooner rather than later.