AJ Styles On Triple H: We’ve Needed Someone Who Wants To Put On A Good Product And Cares About Those That Work For Him

AJ Styles loves the new era of WWE.

In recent months, the praise for Triple H has been enormous, from the fans to the talent backstage to legends worldwide. Ever since Triple H took over, morale has skyrocketed and the vision of WWE has never looked better.

While talking about the recent change with Shakiel Mahjouri, this is what AJ Styles had to say about it and how he feels about what Triple H has done as of late.

“He’s really smart and he really cares. That’s what we need. We need someone who not only wants to put on a great product but cares about the people that are working for him and doing their best. Sometimes we hit a wall and we’re not sure exactly what they want or what they want us to do. Just having that communication to say, ‘Hey man, this is what I need.’ It flips just like that and you understand it. Sometimes we just need time, maybe more time in NXT. I appreciate the fact that he cares about [us] because I’ve seen so much talent that definitely had a right to be in the WWE, but we didn’t give enough time to develop. I feel like we kind of ruined their lives to some degree because this is the peak of wrestling and we just said, ‘you’re not good enough’. I hate that. That’s not true mind you, but that’s what we’ve said doing what we were doing and I don’t think Triple H is willing to do that without giving someone a chance.”

Styles lost at Backlash: France for the Undisputed WWE Championship against Cody Rhodes before losing in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament against Randy Orton.

h/t from Fightful.

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