Suwama Introduces Ren Ayabe To Media As Official Member Of AJPW Roster

One of the bright young stars in Japanese Professional Wrestling Ren Ayabe officially became a member of the All Japan Pro-Wrestling roster on April 1st.

On March 31st at AJPW Dream Power Series 2024 event, Kento Miyahara and Ren Ayabe were the final two competitors in the Road To Champion Carnival Battle Royal. While Miyahara won the Battle Royal, Ayabe appealed to Miyahara that he no longer wanted to be a freelancer and would like to join the AJPW roster. Miyahara, showing his support, gave Ayabe an official AJPW jacket which the potential future superstar put on.

A press conference was held on April 1st as Suwama, who is on the AJPW Board of Directors, introduced the newest member of the AJPW roster to the media. Suwama had high praise for Ayabe:

It is a bright story for All Japan to be able to make an announcement like this. I think he is the embodiment of what All Japan Pro-Wrestling is all about. I think he will continue to get bigger and bigger, so I want him to embody amazing wrestling. I am looking forward to seeing how he will evolve into a professional wrestler, as only he can do it. I think this is an important day in his life. The town is bustling with new employees. I think it’s great. Spring has come to All Japan Pro-Wrestling!

Suwama (Translated from Tokyo Sports using Deepl)

Ayabe explained his decision as to why he wanted to join the AJPW roster:

Despite the fact that I am in a position where I have to keep producing results (since becoming a freelancer), I’ve seen a steady decline. I have been thinking about how I can get out of this situation and what I am lacking, and the answer I came up with was that I want to join All Japan Pro-Wrestling. I will make a fresh start, improve myself as a pro wrestler, and rise through the ranks of the pro wrestling world to become a big name.

Ren Ayabe (Translated from Tokyo Sports using Deepl)

It was quickly announced that Ren Ayabe will face Ryo Inoue at AJPW NEW AGE CHRONICLE‐Z 4 on April 11th.

Ayabe also announced that he will be moving into the AJPW Dojo and will now living there while he trains.

Ayabe will participate in the upcoming Champion Carnival 2024 tournament and has been placed in the A Block. His opening match will be on April 18th against Kento Miyahara.

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