Exclusive: An Interview With AJPW Star Cyrus, Says He Is Coming For New Triple Crown Champion Yuma Anzai

The All Japan Pro-Wrestling Champion Carnival 2024 tournament is set to kick off on April 18th in Korakuen Hall and will run through May 12th where the championship match will take place at Yokohama BUNTAI.

One of the competitors in this years Champion Carnival will be a very familiar face to the AJPW fans. Cyrus the Destroyer is set to be a participant in the A Block of the tournament. This will be Cyrus’ second time competing the Champion Carnival. He finished with six points in last years tournament.

Ahead of leaving for Japan, Cyrus granted an exclusive interview to to discuss the upcoming Champion Carnival as well as his AJPW contract status and more.

Here is that exclusive interview with Cyrus:

Q: You will be competing in your second AJPW Champion Carnival. How are you feeling about your second opportunit in this prestigious tournament?

Cyrus: I am feeling pretty well and confident in my ability to take it further. As it is always an honor to be a part of the tournament.

Q: You are in a tough block which includes Davey Boy Smith Jr. Kento Miyahara, Yuma Aoyagi, Hokuto Omori, Kurosio TOKYO Japan, Shotaro Ashino and Ren Ayabe. Who do you feel poses the greatest threat to you winning Block A?

Cyrus: I feel they all pose a threat. Every one of these competitors have their own unique skills and moves. I just have to be crazier than all of them and hit harder.

Q: What was your reaction when Davey Boy Smith Jr was added to your block and how do you rate him as an opponent?

Cyrus: I was excited to hear about him coming. And now having the chance to face off against him is going to be truly entertaining.

Q: With past pinfall wins over Miyahara and Aoyagi, do you feel you have a psychological advantage over them in the tournament?

Cyrus: Yeah, I believe where they have beaten me before that by me getting pin falls on them is a big advantage. I feel that they are going to have to try to come up with everything including the kitchen sink when they face me.

Q: The B Block is loaded as well with Suwama, Ryuki Honda, Yuma Anzai, Hideki Suzuki, Lord Crewe & Hartley Jackson, if you reach the championship match, do you have a preference of who you’d like to face?

Cyrus: I feel any of those competitors would be a great match or battle. I feel that either Anzai or Suzuki would be the ones I would want to face the most. Suzuki is a legend and Anzai is very hungry and eager to be challenged.

Q: Speaking of Anzai, should you win, you will earn a shot at the AJPW Triple Crown Championship. The current champion is Yuma Anzai who had just won the title. What are your thoughts on Anzai and how would you approach a match with him?

Cyrus: I feel with Anzai I would approach him with speed and power. He has the heart of a lion but I have the heart of a gorilla. So that would be an intriguing combination. Anzai may have just won the title, but I am going to win the Champion Carnival and then I am coming for his newly won Triple Crown Championship.

Q: I know your goal is to sign a contract with AJPW. Has there been any progress in that?

Cyrus: No not as of yet. There have been talks but nothing set in stone yet.

Q: Many top talent have left AJPW, do you feel you can step in and immediately fill that void?

Cyrus: I feel that I can. I believe my popularity is growing bigger and bigger in Japan.

Q: Your popularity is growing at a rapid pace in Japan. How does that feel and were you expecting this rise of popularity?

Cyrus: It’s very humbling to see that my style of wrestling has been greatly accepted by the fans. I wasn’t really expecting it because I am my world’s own worst critic. But the fans have let it be known that they respect and support me.

Q: What message do you want to end this interview with for everyone competing in the Champion Carnival 2024?

Cyrus: All of you have your strengths and weaknesses as I do too. But be warned whether it’s inside or outside the ring I’m going to inflict as much pain and punishment as I possibly can.

All Champion Carnival 2024 and AJPW events can be viewed on AJPW TV subscription streaming service.

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