WWE SmackDown Review: An Electrifying Rock Concert

WWE SmackDown
FedExForm Arena in Memphis, Tennessee 

The show opened with highlights of Cody Rhodes slapping The Rock last week on SmackDown. Corey Graves and Wade Barrett welcomed us to SmackDown.

The Rock Concert

The Rock’s music played which got a huge reaction. Rock stood on the stage as there were tons of lighting effects which looked awesome. The Rock got newish version of his theme song. Rock’s new version played with a remixed of Hollywood theme was added as well. That was pretty cool. Rock was wearing a vest with a chain and sunglasses. Huge Rocky chants from the crowd. Rock teased speaking, There were more louder Rocky chants. Rock says he comes out and torchers every city he’s in. Rock said this city was different. Rock said he started his wrestling career in Memphis. Huge Rocky chants. Rock plugged Channel 5. Rock brought up his old name…Flex Kavana.Rock did his catchphrase. He said “Finally, The Rock has comeback…Home!” Rock said he was gonna have some fun. Rock asked the crowd if they want him to sing a song. The crowd cheered. Rock called for a band to play. 

Rock said this song is about what’s going to happen to Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. The Rock said he’s coming lay the SmackDown on the blonde Cody ass and the best friend the clown. Rock said he would beat them with a fanny pack. They showed a classic Rock photo of him wearing a fanny pack. He said there’s gonna be so much drama. He said they’re gonna have no chance to cry to their momma. Rock said he was talking about Momma Rhodes. Rock told a story about Cody was born. Rock said it was “historically accurate.” Rock said most of his stories were historically accurate. Rock said Dusty Rhodes tried to raise him right but he turned out too weird. They showed picture of Cody dressed as Stardust. Rock said Dusty admitted drugs and cheap condoms were a bad combination. He said Cody wasn’t planned and was a mistake.  

Rock then turned his attention to Seth Rollins. Rock mocked Rollins for cackling and dancing. He said Rollins wife (Becky Lynch) was more popular than Rollins. They showed a picture of Seth and Becky. Rock said Rollins is desperate to get them cheers so Rock said he’s going to make the title disappear. Rock said Rollins was an embarrassment. Rock said “Just like Ja Morant when he’s waving a gun.” The fans booed that. Rock said he loved Ja. He told him to get well soon. Rock said he’s missing someone. Rock turned his attention to Cody Crybabies. Rock said they have Sex but have to pay cash. They showed a picture of a fan on screen. Rock said your hero is gonna bleed and need some stitches. Rock told them to whine about that “you crybaby b*itches.” Rock closed the song saying ”There some lines you just don’t cross. “You walk and kiss the ass of The Final Boss.” Huge Rocky chants from the crowd. 

Rock got serious as he spoke about Cody slapping him. Rock said Cody grew a pair of balls. Rock said he smiled. Rock was waiting to see how Cody was going to respond after slapping him. Rock wondered if Cody was going to cut an impassionate promo. Rock showed a clip of Cody getting emotional on Raw while speaking about his mother. Rock said Cody responded by crying. Rock said “you gotta be sh*tting me.” This was censored. Rock mocked Cody crying. Rock said he doesn’t want to talk to Cody. Rock said he wanted to talk to Momma Rhodes. Rock said Cody took something from him.

Rock said he and Roman Reigns are going to win at WrestleMania Night One. Rock said WrestleMania Night Two is Bloodline Rules. Rock said Cody’s mom wants to see Cody win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title so bad. Rock said the title is going to stay around his cousin Roman Reigns. The crowd booed. Rock said Cody’s mom is going to get a different belt. The crowd began chanting “Whoop That Trick!” Rock said he’s going to beat the piss out of Cody and make him bleed. Rock said he’s gonna whip Cody like a dog. Rock said after Reigns beat Cody. Rock mentioned Cody’s mom will be ringside. Rock said he’s gonna walk over to Cody’s mom and hand the belt. Rock said Cody and Cody’s mom will cry. Rock said he’s gonna whisper “What Can I except you’re welcome” to Cody’s mom. There were loud Rocky chants. Rock ended with catchphrase. “If You Smell What The Final Boss Is Cooking.” 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was so fun seeing The Rock playing his concert for the fans. It was nice to see Rock go back into serious mode hyping both WrestleMania matches. Cody really needs a strong comeback promo on Raw after Rock’s promo. I could possibly see Cody’s mom getting involved and possibly slapping The Rock at some point at WrestleMania Night two. You would think it’s leading to something after Rock mentioning Cody’s mom being ringside. Rock calling himself the Final Boss could be an interesting way to add some more tension between Rock and Roman Reigns. I could definitely see Rock pinning Cody at WrestleMania Night One. That leads to Rock getting upset after Cody beats Reigns at WrestleMania Night Two. That leads to a Cody and Rock single’s match. The crowd reacted to Rock like a mega star. Rock bringing back his Hollywood theme was so awesome. This segment was tremendous. The Rock was incredible. 

Legado del Fantasma (Angel & Berto) (w/Electra Lopez) def. LWO (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) (w/Zelina Vega) in a WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match in 9:40. Angel and Berto shined early catching Toro with a slingshot splash for two. Toro responded catching Berto with a springboard hurricranrana. Toro and Wilde delivered a stereo Tope Con Hilo onto Angel and Berto on the floor. Toro connected with a Springboard Moonsault to Berto for two. Angel responded nailing Wilde with a running kick. Angel and Berto delivered a Super Press Slam to Toro but Wilde made the save. Toro responded catching Angel with a standing Spanish Fly for a double down. Wilde ran wild rocking Angel and Berto with a double missile dropkick. Wilde planted Angel with a Tornado DDT but Berto made the save. Berto avoided a baseball slide as he rammed Toro into the barricade. Garza caught Wilde charging with a superkick. Berto launched Wilde as Angel nailed him with a gut kick for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun tag team match. A great showing from both teams as they got time to have a solid action packed match. A good showing from Angel and Berto as they looked strong in the win. 

We saw Iyo Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai arriving to the arena earlier in the day. We also saw Bayley arriving as well. Bayley will face Dakota Kai in the main event. 

LA Knight Challenges AJ Styles to WrestleMania 

Kayla Braxton interviewed LA Knight on the entrance ramp. LA Knight got a huge reaction. Braxton asked Knight if he had any search for AJ Styles? Knight asked Braxton for the mic. Knight said “Let Me Talk To Ya!” YEAH. Knight spoke about Styles saying he needs to be humble. Knight told Styles to come out and humble him. Nobody came out. Knight said Styles isn’t big enough for this ride. Knight said Styles can fly all the way to Australia. Knight said Styles can’t come to Memphis. Knight said he is the spot. Knight said the biggest mark walking is AJ Styles. Knight said Styles will show up at WrestleMania. Knight said Styles walks around like he owns the place. Knight said he doesn’t own the place. Knight said he will own Styles at WrestleMania. Knight said Styles will find out whose game this is with everyone saying. LA Knight! YEAH!. Here comes AJ Styles from behind whacking Knight with a chair. Styles sat on the chair. Styles accepted Knight’s match for WrestleMania. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) Good promo here from LA Knight explaining his reasoning for wanting the WrestleMania match. AJ Styles accepting the match after hitting Knight with a chair was nicely done. Nice to see Styles and Knight getting their single’s match at WrestleMania. 

We saw highlights of Randy Orton giving KSI an RKO last week on SmackDown after Logan Paul announced PRIME Energy as the centre ring sponsor for WWE PLE’s.

Logan Paul met with SmackDown GM Nick Aldis in his office. Paul asked Aldis what’s going to be Orton’s punishment for giving KSI an RKO last week. Aldis gave the impression he didn’t dwell on the past. Paul suggested Orton apologies. Paul said it would set a bad precedent if Orton didn’t apologize for what happened on SmackDown. Aldis suggested Paul requesting Orton for an apology will set a great precedent. Paul told Aldis that’s his job to make that happen. Paul noted Aldis can’t even find him a WrestleMania opponent. Paul left.

Logan Paul announced on his Impaulsive podcast that WWE SummerSlam will take place on Saturday August 3 from Cleveland Brown Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Jimmy Uso Accepts Jey Uso’s WrestleMania Challenge

We saw Jimmy Uso, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa walking backstage. Kayla Braxton appeared as Heyman attacked frightened. Braxton asked about Jey’s Uso’s challenge about facing Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania. Jimmy said he has a response. Jimmy said Jey was out there making big noice. Jimmy brought he was always the big brother before Jey became “main event” and the longest reigning Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion. Jimmy said Jey followed him everywhere. Jimmy said he and Jey were together at WrestleMania. This year it’s Jimmy vs. Jey at WrestleMania. Jimmy stared in the camera. Jimmy said “YEET!” 

(Amin’s Thoughts) A strong response from Jimmy Uso showing great intensity in accepting the WrestleMania match. This was good stuff. Jey and Jimmy should be built as a special WrestleMania match. 

Randy Orton def. Grayson Waller (w/Austin Theory) in 7:34. Randy Orton received an incredible reaction. Logan Paul came out before the match. Paul joined commentary for the match. Waller took control early rocking Orton with corner strikes. The action moved to the floor as Orton launched Waller over the timekeeper’s table. Orton was distracted with Paul and Theory. Waller took advantage planting Orton with a rolling flatliner onto the announcers table. Waller placed Orton in a cravat as they returned from break. Orton made a comeback catching Theory with a snap powerslam. Waller used Orton’s momentum dumping him to the floor. Orton avoided a baseball slide dumping Waller onto the announcer’s table. Orton dumped Waller for a second time onto the announcers table. Theory stood on the ring apron. Orton moved as Waller knocked Theory off the ring apron. Orton planted Waller with a Hanging DDT. The crowd was going insane calling for the RKO. Theory pulled Waller to the floor. Orton planted Theory with a Hangman DDT. Waller went for a Rolling Stunner but Orton intercepted into an awesome RKO for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I had fun watching this match. It’s always fun seeing Orton play his greatest hits. The way Orton has been finding new creative ways to hit the RKO has made the match more fun. A great showcase for Orton as the fans reacted to him like a superstar. 

Logan Paul’s WrestleMania Opponents Are Revealed

Austin Theory attacked Orton after the match. Theory called Logan Paul into the ring. The crowd cheered as Kevin Owens came out to a big reaction. Paul rolled out of the ring. Owens went to help Orton up. Orton went for an RKO but stopped seeing how Owens made the save. Owens gave Theory a Stunner. This was funny as Theory leaped into the air as Orton caught him with an RKO. This looked so ridiculous that it was awesome. Orton and Owens shook hands. Nick Aldis came out. Aldis asked Paul if he got his apology from Orton. Paul shook his head. The crowd cheered as Aldis said he determined Paul’s opponent for WrestleMania. Paul looked happy. Aldis said he misspoke. Aldis said he determined Paul’s opponents for WrestleMania. The fans cheered. Aldis said Logan Paul will defend the WWE United States Title against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania in a Triple Threat Match. Orton and Owens shook hands. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I gotta give Theory tons of credit as he’s been awesome taking some tremendous bumps for both Owens and Orton. The Stunner into the RKO spot was entertaining. I’m totally fine with Owens getting added to the WrestleMania match after the finish at the Royal Rumble. Good stuff all around as Owens, Orton and Paul should have a very fun match at WrestleMania. The Triple Threat makes the match more interesting because you could anyone winning the title. 

The Progressive Match Flo was highlight of Dakota Kai turning on Bayley. 

We saw Kayla Braxton backstage with Damage CTRL. Kai told Bayley that she would break her. Kai said this was Bayley’s fault because she was jealous of Iyo and was threatened by Asuka and Sane. Kai She said Bayley wouldn’t make it to WrestleMania. Kai said this was a warning to all the other chicks in the locker room. Kai said they run this show. 

Santos Escobar (w/Legado Del Fantasma) def. Dragon Lee in 2:00. Dragon Lee shined early catching Escobar with a running Hurricanrana. Dragon Lee followed hitting a Tope Con Hilo to the floor. Dragon Lee went for a Powerbomb but Escobar broke free. Dragon Lee caught Escobar with a corner superkick. Dragon Lee planted Escobar with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for two. Angel went for a distraction but Lee caught him with a running boot. Berto stood on the ring apron. Dragon Lee caught Berto with a Flying Hurricanrana sending him into Angel on the floor. Escobar caught Dragon Lee entering the ring with a Phantom Driver for the win. 

  • Legado Del Fantasma attacked Dragon Lee after the match. Carlito ran down to make the save. Carlito gave Angel a back cracker. Carlito dumped Humberto onto Angel. Escobar attacked Carlito. The crowd cheered as Rey Mysterio came out to a big reaction. Rey went for a 619 but Escobar left the ring. Rey asked Escobar why he’s leaving. Rey challenged Escobar to match next week on SmackDown. Rey said he will slap the stupid smile of Escobar’s arrogant face. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I had mixed thoughts watching this. Dragon Lee looked awesome as he got a chance to showcase his big spots. The part that sucked was seeing Dragon Lee lose in such a quick match. I would rather preferred if this matched ended in a DQ finish. I also didn’t get why Rey Mysterio and Carlito didn’t come out with Dragon Lee. It’s also interesting they announced Rey vs. Escobar for next week. I could see this leading to a 8-person tag between LWO vs. Legado Del Fantasma at WrestleMania.

New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) def. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) in a WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match in 13:12. Bate shined early catching Wilson with a head scissors. Dunne followed stomping on Wilson’s arm. Wilson caused a distraction. This led to Prince yanking Dunne onto the ring apron. Prince and Wilson took control pounding away at Dunne in the corner. Dunne responded catching Prince with a Dragon Screw. Bate rocked Prince and Wilson with running uppercuts. Bate delivered his signature UFO Spin to Prince. Bate planted Wilson with a stalling suplex as they returned from break. Dunne ran wild planting with an X-Plex onto the ring apron. Dunne applied an arm bar but Prince countered into a rollup for a near fall. Bate and Dunne delivered a flying uppercut/uranage slam combo to Prince but Wilson made the save. Wilson caught Bate with a running boot. Prince and Wilson delivered a flying bulldog/face buster combo to Bate for two. Pretty Deadly called for Split Milk but Bate broke free. Bate made a comeback rocking Prince with a rebound clothesline. Bate and Dunne delivered a double Burning Hammer Combo to Prince for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun action packed tag team match. I’m a fan of both teams as they worked great together. A nice win for Bate and Dunne as I would like to see them advance and compete at WrestleMania. 

The showed fans holding signs in the crowd. WWE encouraged fans to brings more signs to the arena to they can be showcased on show. 

Bayley def. Dakota Kai (w/Iyo Sky, Asuka & Kairi Sane) via Disqualification in 7:33. Bayley got a great babyface reaction. Kai got a strong heel action. Kai came out with the Iyo Sky, Asuka and Sane. Bayley started quickly rocking Kai with mounted strikes. Kai rolled out of the ring. Kai whacked Bayley across the face. Bayley responded rocking Kai with corner strike. Bayley planted Kai with a draping suplex from the ring apron to the floor. Damage CTRL stood around Bayley on the floor. Kai went for a rollup but Bayley countered into a knee strike. Asuka caused a distraction. This led to Kai catching Bayley with a corner double stomp. Bayley responded catching Kai with a draping stunner. Kai stopped Bayley from climbing the ropes. Bayley knocked Kai off the ropes. Bayley connected with a flying elbow drop for two. Bayley called for Bayley-to-Belly but Kai blocked. Kai responded nailing Bayley with a Pele Kick. Kai distracted the referee. Sane rocked Bayley with corner strikes. Iyo pulled Sane back. Kai rocked Bayley with a running boot. Kai called for a Yakuza Kick. Bayley intercepted catching Kai with a running Powerbomb. Bayley sent Kai to the floor. Iyo Sky entered the ring holding the WWE Women’s Title. Bayley and Iyo had a stare down. Bayley attacked Asuka and Sane. Kai held onto Bayley’s leg. Iyo attacked Bayley for the DQ. 

  • Damage CTRL attacked Bayley after the match. Naomi ran down to make the save. Naomi caught Sane with a Heat Seeker. Damage CTRL got the numbers advantage on Naomi. Asuka, Sane and Kai rocked Bayley with a triple dropkick. The fans chanted for Bianca Belair who didn’t come out. Ivo delivered her signature Over The Moonsault onto Bayley. Damage CTRL posed together as the show ended. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was really nice seeing Dakota Kai back in action. A nice showing from Kai as she looked good in the match. Kai is presented as a key part of Damage CTRL. I was glad that Kai didn’t lose in her first match back from injury. I also didn’t mind the finish because they are telling a bigger story with Bayley. The story here is only Naomi came to help Bayley against Damage CTRL. I would like to see Jade Cargill be the one to help Bayley and Naomi against Damage CTRL. I could still see Bianca Belair being the one to help Bayley and Naomi.


The Rock’s concert was the highlight of the show. Rock’s presence and appearance has made these SmackDown feel like special shows. There were also some fun matches on the show. They also announced three new matches for WrestleMania. Overall, this a good episode of SmackDown. The WrestleMania card is coming along pretty well.